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Thread: unable to open an identity with outlook 2011

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    unable to open an identity with outlook 2011

    I am using macbook which was a gift from my brother and I am using it for many purpose that is for making projects gaming and also for the internet surfing and also I have installed the office 2011 to it. Everything was fine up till now but recently I am getting an error. Actually I have deleted the application from the outlook accidentally and after that I am getting an error that this identity cannot be opened with this version of outlook. Can anybody help me in getting the solution for this issue? Please help me.

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    Re: unable to open an identity with outlook 2011

    I do not know if I see what you mean. I feel that this is the concept of "link" between items, manifested by an icon rather like three links of chain and by which one could find all elements related to a contact. If it's good that it matters, I believe, that no longer exists in Outlook. The small magnifying glass, I see it as part of the phone numbers of contacts and it just lets you enlarge the corresponding number, otherwise the lens of research Spotlight incorporated into Entourage, but those they are still present in Outlook 2011. Instead Outlook receives an extensive review which allows using the software properly, then we can finally take advantage of IMAP accounts sync without system crashes.

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    Re: unable to open an identity with outlook 2011

    I think this is an issue related to the updates and the only solution for this issue is you need to update office with 14.0.1 update for Mac Office 2011. The update covers all applications of Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 with the inclusion of a forms authentication to connect to the SharePoint servers, as well as correcting a problem that caused the Office for Mac applications block images having been copied from an Office application to ChemDraw.

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    Re: unable to open an identity with outlook 2011

    I think to get the desired solution you need to follow the steps given below:
    • First of all you have to download the update for office and then install it into mac.
    • Move the Microsoft User Data folder Start Outlook. If Outlook starts, it could be a problem with the database file. Move the Office 2011 Identities folder Microsoft User Data folder and try to recreate.
    • In the third step remove all the preferences from the system for outlook.
    • After doing all this I hope you will be able to find the solution for the issue.

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