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Thread: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

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    Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    I was using outlook 2010 from long time and for upgradation I have installed outlook 2011. And before that I have open outlook 2010 use it in normal way and then I had send all email in outlook 2011 and delete all email from it. And after that when I tried to open outlook 2011 and going to use that emails then they was not there. So I am totally frustrated after seeing this. I donít know what the problem was happened. I need your help to get back my all email because they so important for my work and I need that urgently. If anybody having idea please help me out.

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    Re: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    I can understand this problem face by many people. For solving this you can follow some steps. Open outlook 2010.Click on the folder from where you had deleted emails. Click on tools then go in Recover Deleted Items. It will show your all deleted emails from the folders. Now choose emails which you want to recover. After recovering your emails it will come in to its original location. then you can forward in to outlook 2011 by using proper server address. If there server address is wrong then emails cannot be forwarded to the another outlook.

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    Re: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    There is some software for recover emails which are deleted. One of this is inbuilt recover tool in Microsoft outlook. You can search it in tools menu. Click on Recover Deleted Items, you will get list of all delete emails and other items which was deleted before 14 days. Then you can restore it in original place. One more software you can use that is Recover My Mail. By this software you can recover all your emails from Personal Storage file. It can also recover attachments which attached with your emails. If you want to rapidly undeleted emails without involving yourself then its effective software.

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    Re: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    There is one way to recover deleted emails from outlook 2010 that is. First you have to corrupt PST files and then recover. For this you need to find PST file on your outlook. Itís like outlookefile.pst. After getting this, save it in external device like flash drive. Now click on start and open command prompt. In command prompt type DEBUG C:\fullpath\Outlook.PST
    F 107 113 20
    It will corrupt you PST file. Now you have to run this file in the scanPST by going in to C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Map\1033. It will complete your scanPST. Now you will get all your deleted emails.

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    Re: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    Microsoft Outlook 2010 comes built in with an option to recover mails deleted, even after the Deleted Items folder is emptied.

    For this to work, you need to have an IMAP email account. Basically you need to be connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server. If you have a POP3 account this feature might not work.

    How to recover deleted items:

    - Click the Deleted Items folder

    - Now click the Folder button in the ribbon menu and click the Recover Deleted Items button

    You will now see a list of deleted email. Simple select the ones you want and click Recover Selected Items

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    Re: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    If you have deleted Outlook emails only by pressing Delete button then you still have option to recover lost emails. Otherwise you would have to choose another method to recover deleted emails. Go to Deleted Items folder and select the recoverable files and folder and restore them. If your emails are permanently deleted then use third party Outlook Email Recovery tool.

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    Re: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    First you need to check if you have a backup or not.
    YOu can use some tool to look into your information store and see the mails which are missing. Then these mails can be migrated to the desired version of the outlook. This whole process of looking into the information store and restoring the mails back into the live environment can be done with few clicks by Lepide ExM

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    sad Re: Need help to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2010

    First do let me know do you have a back up of all the mails.If you have a back up then at that case ther's another way to get recover else if you dont have a back up ther's an another way to get recover.

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