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Thread: How to run Microsoft Money 2001 Standard on windows 7

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    How to run Microsoft Money 2001 Standard on windows 7

    I have Intel computer in which I am working on windows XP as well as I have Microsoft Money 2001 Standard. But now I have uninstall windows XP and I want to install windows 7.but my problem is that I don’t know about that is Microsoft Money 2001 Standard running on windows Can anyone confirm that Money will run on Windows 7. As I have the entire my tax data on Microsoft Money 2001 Standard, this is a main problem for me. So please tell me whatever suggestion you have about my problem.

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    Re: How to run Microsoft Money 2001 Standard on windows 7

    Hey I have discussed about this problem. And you can run your Microsoft Money 2001 Standard on your computer running windows 7.from my discussion I know that Microsoft Money has been dropped from the product line. You be supposed to think about moving your information to the latest version of Quicken. May this information will help you to about your problem.

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    Re: How to run Microsoft Money 2001 Standard on windows 7

    Hey from my opinion Microsoft Money 2001 Standard does run and runs well. Synchronizes with SPB Finance as well. The merely issue I observe is that if you have the filter set to explain just unreconciled transactions in credit card accounts, taking place the right part where it displays total you owe, it will be way off. If you immediately press on 'show all' though it displays right. I cannot essentially verify that that issue did not exist in other versions of windows as well as that it may have just been solved by one of the updates. As money won’t update to any further extent, it may now be missing a patch.

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    Re: How to run Microsoft Money 2001 Standard on windows 7

    I am running Money on Windows 7 completely very well, so you are supposed to be fine too! Yes it is true that Microsoft have dropped Money from its product line-up, however they still plan to make public 2 versions to permit people to carry on utilizing their accessible Money files; they won't require online activation so most probably they will be give you ‘free’ which is nice, however they won't contain any of the online services which are accessible in the accessible Money products.

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    Re: How to run Microsoft Money 2001 Standard on windows 7

    Even I have Money 2001 on my PC running windows XP. I was capable to load the 2001 version of Money onto another computer, which runs Windows 7, with no obscurity. It took a bit more work to bring back data from backup data on a flash drive; however I was able to perform that, as well. Should I still download the free Money update from Microsoft so that I am able to shift to Quicken? I am bearing in mind just ongoing along with Money 2001 even if I won't be capable to download information from the internet.

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