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Thread: Stand-by mode does not exist in Windows-7

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    Stand-by mode does not exist in Windows-7

    In Windows XP You could choose "Stand-by" method to set the computer into a concentrated power condition with no in information shutting downward. Then you pressed the power key to repair the computer. That alternative accordingly does not stay alive in Windows-7. Instead the simply alternative are shut-down or hibernation. The difficulty is that in snooze or hibernation, the smallest amount shaking or stimulation of the mouse awaken up the computer what time I don't desire that to occur. Does anybody be familiar through how to generate the old "stand-by" method of XP in Windows 7, or otherwise, at least build the mouse fewer sensitive to feelings causing a PC wake up?

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    Re: Stand-by mode does not exist in Windows-7

    I think this can be taken away by using the DeviceManager (devmgmt.msc) and choose your mouse and choose the belongings. At present go away to the power alternative tab and uncheck the verify box permit this tool to wake up the PC. I hope this will help you to get the desired solution. So I would like to suggest you to use the above things to get the desired solution.

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    Re: Stand-by mode does not exist in Windows-7

    I have the following problem. Windows 7 cannot be shifted to the standby mode. I have set in Power Options and press the power button that when the PC is put into standby mode. Start or Stop on the entry sleep are not listed. If I want to go into Stand By, the PC reboots. Did any idea what could that be? I am using the system with the Asus M2N-SLI with 3 Gb Ram also using Windows 7 64 bit with the graphic card from Garaka Geforce 7950 GT using all these in CPU Atlon X2 4200. Thank you to everyone

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    Re: Stand-by mode does not exist in Windows-7

    All these features seem to still be bugged at the RC pretty. My computer sometimes turns on again just after I moved in to sleep but does the standby no problem. So standby I know from XP! With Windows 7, I can press the Start window chips' energy and the PC shuts down in sleep mode. I feel it is the same as with XP, I see no compelling because supplement different.

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