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Thread: Not able to download video by using Orbit

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    ohmy Not able to download video by using Orbit

    I want to download large videos from a online site.

    but the download options they give is on a java platform of which my windows always poops for security .
    I use Orbit to download them but most of the time I can't download them as they large in no.and size

    can anybody suggest me a better way to download them

    extra info,
    I have a 512Kbps connection

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    Re: Not able to download video by using Orbit

    For that I will recommend you to use Internet Download Manager. This is the best tool I found for downloading videos. You can have a demo of this software and use the same. It offers a stable and continuous speed for download. When ever you stream a video online this tool addsup a download link above the video. Just click on the download this video and it starts saving the same on your hard drive.

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    Re: Not able to download video by using Orbit

    thanks Internet Down Managers great but one Question does uploads my content because i can see from my resource monitor that it is uploading also

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    Re: Not able to download video by using Orbit

    Well, there is no way you can stop the upload ratio while downloading any file from the Internet Download Manager. Usually it doesnt acts like a peer to peer client but somewhat packets are continously and obviously sent to the website from where you are downloading any kind of software. Other than that I would recommend you to stop all services and then check whether any packets are being sent from your computer.

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    Re: Not able to download video by using Orbit

    Try FlashGet as I'm using it and use it a lot. It's free.

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