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Thread: How to add a hidden toggle file in the context menu bar

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    How to add a hidden toggle file in the context menu bar

    I have been working with my laptop and got the idea of toggle hidden files. So by simple process i got the toggle hidden files in the context menu. My laptop runs on the windows 7 operating system 32 bit. I want the same thing in my computer desktop but till now i am unsuccessful. My computer runs on the windows 7 operating system and its 64 bit. I have tried various methods like putting the hidden.dll file in the system 32 folder or trying the regedit method but nothing helped me. Is there some problem with the 64 bit operating system. I want the particular content in my desktop as well. I have the habit of using the hidden files a lot for many work purposes. So please do help me out with my query.

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    Re: How to add a hidden toggle file in the context menu bar

    I think so you must try with the normal process first in your computer. what you can do is to go to the windows explorer. After getting into the explorer what you can do is to click the file menu and then go to the tools option and select the folder option then check the view tab. Where you can check or uncheck the check box for the setting to show the hidden files and folders or not to show the hidden files and folders. Probably you must try with this method first and check whether it works on the windows 7. So just check out the method and check whether it works.

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    Re: How to add a hidden toggle file in the context menu bar

    If the above solution does not work, then there is another solution for you. It would be great if you can just right click the context menu and you will get the option and in that you get the option of quick toggle hidden files. Now it is possible by the Hidden files toggle which is a shell extension that you can download from the internet. This shell extension is compatible with windows xp, vista, 2007. So it is better option for you especially when your work constantly revolves around the hidden files and you must have to frequently change the settings on/off. What this hidden files toggle will do is to add another menu context menu by just simply right clicking it. So it is a very simple solution try out this method.

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    Re: How to add a hidden toggle file in the context menu bar

    There is also another simple solution for you. In this solution you just have to add a short cut key in the program and the folder will open and all the particular hidden files will be visible. On hitting the same hot key again it will get disappeared. The application is know as hot key. This particular hot key application you have to download it from the internet. This particular application runs on the background and does not waste any memory of your computer. Now when you check the toggle hidden files you have to hit the hot keys to start with the showing of the hidden files in a particular folder. For the startup you have to create a shortcut in your startup group by just typing shell:startup. Try with this method it will work.

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