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Thread: Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

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    Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

    I use this which is the platform and also I am using Office 2003, to send my work from word of Office 2010 can be opened from the platform of technology without problems? So regarding this if anybody has tried any successful solution for this issue then please try to help me. And ya please try to do this as soon as it is possible for you guys.

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    Re: Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

    I just opened an Office 2003 Compatibility Pack, a XLSX, DOCX and PPTX one, all of Office 2010, and opened without problems. Of course, you have to take into account that some features do not work, but it also happened with the 2007. For example, in Excel 2010 have the "sparklines" these will not be in 2003 but not in 2007. But the data itself will be. In a word, what each other is important.

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    Re: Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

    You must consider each file that you save from the 2010 compatibility mode to do with Office 97 and 2003, which you see to give Save As. If you save to 2010 format is not able to display, since there is not compatibility pack supported. So regarding your issue I know this much and I hope this will help you in order to get rid from this query.

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    Re: Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

    Far as I can, 2010 and 2007 work the same (same format, same extensions) and therefore if you create a document in 2010 version and the platform where you are working with the 2003 is installed the Compatibility Pack. Documents can be opened without problems. And if you want more information related to this issue so you can search this on to the And regarding this I am very much sure that you will get your solution.

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    Re: Office 2010 compatibility with Office 2003

    Thank you very much for the clarification, in no particular pack I installed the 2003, but if it happens as comets may indicate that they are built on the same basis, and good pack should then run and leave open the file. So I hope this will going to help other but not in my case. I just want to thank you over here because I am also facing the same situation.

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