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Thread: Way to Insert SWF(flash)file into PowerPoint 2010

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    Way to Insert SWF(flash)file into PowerPoint 2010

    At the time I want to place SWF into PowerPoint 2010, I would utilize the added Controls dialog which is in Developer tab to place in a Shockwave or Flash object. However in the released x64 PowerPoint 2010, that control is omitted from the dialog.When I hit the Register Custom DLL, there is no obvious file to select, either. When using the Insert/Media button on the ribbon, there are many video formats recognized, but SWF and FLV are not among them. I am looking to insert a SWF using only what is built into PowerPoint 2010 and Flash, so if anyone has info on it, please let me know!

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    Re: Way to Insert SWF(flash)file into PowerPoint 2010

    to insert Flash into PowerPoint 2010, and make it play automatically make sure the Flash Player 10.0 is installed on your PC, and then hit Microsoft Office Button on the top left corner; then press “PowerPoint Options” at the bottom of the panel; then you have to go to the “PowerPoint Options “window; then press “Popular” on the left column; after that choose “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon” on the right column; then press “OK” at the bottom2. On the “Developer” tab; then go to “Controls” group; press the icon of hammer in addition to nail for “More Controls”; after that go to the “More Controls” window3. On the “More Controls” window; then select “Shockwave Flash Object” in the list; after that press “OK” at the bottom; use your pointer to drag on the slide to draw plus resize the control then Right click the control you draw; press “Properties” in the right-click menu; then go to the “Properties” window5. On the alphabetic tab; press the “Movie” property; type the full drive path in the value column, including the file name or URL. To let the Flash play automatically when the slide is displayed, set the “Playing” property to “True“; To embed the Flash into PowerPoint, set “Embed Movie” property to “True”. Lastly close the “Properties” window plus save your presentation press Ctrl + G.

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    Re: Way to Insert SWF(flash)file into PowerPoint 2010

    I have the whole thing secreted using abrax (cleaned up the code). I have done div's before, but this time I complete the nav bar in flash bc of some animation. I was looking for the code how to put .swf files on top of a div. I am inserting Flash swf files into the page. The whole thing works all right, but when its loading I observe the White Box before the swf file show, which does not look good. The swf files are fairly low file size, so the white box is not there for too long, but I am picky, so I need to know how to get rid of it!!

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    Re: Way to Insert SWF(flash)file into PowerPoint 2010

    To insert swf file into PowerPoint Presentation. Follow these steps:
    1. First you have to press office button after that press “PowerPoint Options”
    2. On the right panel, choose “Show Developer tab in the Ribbon”, and after that hit OK!
    3. Then on your presentation window, then click “Developer Tab” on PowerPoint menu.
    4. after that Press “More Controls” on icon menu
    5. Then Select “Shockwave Flash Object” and after that hit OK
    6. Press as well as drag your mouse on slide to make object’s area
    7. After that Right press on object area plus then you have to choose properties.
    8. Load the value on “Movie” through swf file’s path / folder.
    9. And after that close the properties window
    10. Now try to run slideshow (press F5) and observe the outcome

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    Re: Way to Insert SWF(flash)file into PowerPoint 2010

    After digging around in the MS word, I found that yes indeed, the reason I can't get this to work is because I'm running the 64-bit version of Office 2010 and Adobe still hasn't released a 64-bit Flash player control. Heck, 64-bit windows has only been around for about 4 years, so what's the rush? This seems to be the same problem that causes poor performance of Flash movies in 64-bit browsers

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    Re: Way to Insert SWF(flash)file into PowerPoint 2010

    If you have an x64bit version of Office then you are out of luck. In the 64-bit version you can only insert/use controls which are 64-bit. Since there doesn't exist a 64-bit version of the Flash control yet, you will not able to insert a swf in the 64-bit version of PowerPoint.

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