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Thread: Template for excel: 2011 calendar on multiple worksheets

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    Template for excel: 2011 calendar on multiple worksheets

    For the previous hardly any years a worksheet a month or cell per day calendar template has been accessible from Microsoft. The name was for all time ''20xx calendar on multiple worksheets (12-pp)' where 'xx' was the year 07, 08, 09, or 10. I have constructed a group of computations around this template. Will a ''2011 calendar on multiple worksheets (12-pp)' be existing or am I someway not there it in downloads? The precedent template for all time said it was for Excel 2003 or superior. I do observe a newer download for excel which is a worksheet a month, but not a cell per day and this one is for Excel 2007 or superior. I am not anxious what version it is for Excel 2003, 2007, or 2010 would be well, but I require page a month and cell a day.

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    Re: Template for excel: 2011 calendar on multiple worksheets

    In the "Other calendars” part, there is a man named define who shaped a template called "Calendar on multiple worksheets ". He borrowed the design from the Microsoft calendar, so it should seem well-known. On the other hand, every day has 2 cells. One cell is for the day, and one cell is for a note for that day. He does not like to make use of text boxes in Excel. If you can illustrate what kind of calculations you do with your calendars, perhaps he will make you a template for you. I hear he lurks in these forums. If not, fine, I hear there is a calendar contest going on, so there should be abundance additional calendars for you to select from almost immediately.

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    Re: Template for excel: 2011 calendar on multiple worksheets

    Make sure if the template Academic Calendar for the 2010 - 2011 School Year. In Monday to Sunday format assists you. It convenes your prerequisite incompletely because the template has sheets just till August 2011. This is the merely template for at the present in which every cell is a day. I might distribute a fresh template for the year 2011 just like the one which you have for 2010.

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    Re: Template for excel: 2011 calendar on multiple worksheets

    Microsoft Support had marked as respond because, it is not answered. I still require an answer. If the academic calendar is the most excellent accessible template, after that it just partially meets the necessities. I would consider this as responds if I was able to discover a template which meets my necessities or know for certain that Microsoft has stopped the template they have released for the last 6 years and is there is not anything else which meets my necessities. It appears the timing of templates being obtainable is afterward this year than earlier ones.

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    Re: Template for excel: 2011 calendar on multiple worksheets

    The pair of objects that were freshly noticeable as answers by Max Joseph Microsoft Support, Moderator was not close and therefore no assists. I am considering a theme at this point with the Moderators. Do they get paid to close these not considering of whether the queries are answered? The item from imfrancisd will work with just negligible tweaks to my formulas.

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