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Thread: Outlook hangs while loading profile

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    Outlook hangs while loading profile

    Hi all,
    I have a HP laptop with the Windows 7 along with the specification like 2GB RAM and 320GB hard disk space. Installed the Microsoft Office 2010 in my laptop. Which is very good with all the features and the option, I upgrade that one with the office 2003. The problem is with the Microsoft outlook application, which is hangs while loading the user profile. The other application of office tool are working fine instead of only the outlook. What should I do now? Not able to open the outlook in safe more also. Is there any idea about this problem?

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    Re: Outlook hangs while loading profile

    Try once by repair the office application program, go to the control panel and then proceed to Program and feature and select the application name from the drop down list, click on the un-install and in the uninstall windows select the repair option, this will ask you for the windows permission at the beginning. Permit the window to do the operation. After the completion of repair process, reboot the machine and open the outlook application, I hope this time it will not hang in the screen.

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    Re: Outlook hangs while loading profile

    I had the similar problem, the outlook application is freezes while I tried to open the application. Then one of my friend suggest me with a simple tricks, which is work and from till that time there problem not occurs second time. So I am telling you the process and would like to suggest you to go through this process, this will definitely works. Press windows key along with “R” from your keyboard or go to the start menu command prompt and insert “regedit” in the command line and hit on ENTER. It will appear the registry editor in the screen, in the editor look for the following path of your profile “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows 7\ CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\ Profiles”, select the desire profile of your machine environment and delete that and reboot the machine. After that recreate the profile, if this will only for the profile then this process will surely help you.

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    Re: Outlook hangs while loading profile

    A very simple solution is that logged in into the outlook application from another machine and the backed up the profile file in any external device like the disk or the USB flash drive and save the profiles in the outlook application. And then delete the local profile. Now logged into outlook application in your machine with put nay profile name and create the new profile with the earlier name and the file those are kept in other storage. I did this where I was also facing the relevant issue with the outlook application in my laptop. And by this process I solve the problem.
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    Re: Outlook hangs while loading profile

    I recommend you to log in the machine in safe mode and open the outlook application and disable all the add-ins those are applied to the application. And then restart the application. I think the last add-on that you install is might be the cause for that. To disable the add-ins follow the steps. Open the application and proceed to Tool menu bar option and then go to Add-ons option under the list select the add-ins one by one and click on disable option. Now reboot the machine in normal mode and run the application with the proper profile name and password, if assigned. I think this time it will not hangs during loading the profile. You can check whether the add-ins are real cause of the problem by enable one by one until the outlook hangs.

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