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Thread: VLC: No sound comes from the External audio card

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    VLC: No sound comes from the External audio card

    Hello peoples, I am the continuous user for VLC media player on to my Mac system having the Windows on it. Now I am in quite trouble now. It is really a very strange problem for me. I have just got the external TASCAM USB audio card for my system. This external card works properly for all the other application, but for the VLC there is no sound. I have then set up the default audio device but I am unable to get the sound through the VLC media player. I have selected it through the Audio, in Audio then to the Audio Devices menu. But it still get not help. If I select Built in Output which is the onboard iMac soundcard, then the sound is OK. Is there any other way to get the audio? Please help

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    Re: VLC: No sound comes from the External audio card

    I won’t be very surprised, if VLC media player is dealing with the full audio out buffer. I am not sure but is there any tools to configure the buffer, or similar, on the audio card side. If you find any open source applications that can output audio to the device properly, please could you list it here? The idea being that the VLC developers can see if something is being done some thing differently. Come across to the forum of Although it is Windows oriented, see if any of the steps work for you on the Mac side.

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    Re: VLC: No sound comes from the External audio card

    I am not very sure. Though does the "audio to the audio device" sub-menu display any of the items in the list? Also, check whether that what output settings are there in to the System Preferences. Are there any open source audio applications that manage to play through the device - this would allow the developers to see if something different is being done. Also check for the other external drive whether it throws the sound with the other external drive.

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    Re: VLC: No sound comes from the External audio card

    The output is usually selectable in the VLC audio sub-menu. By selecting this, none of the sound plays through the audio interface that is with my monitor speakerís video works very fine. When I choose the built-in option in to this sub-menu then the sound plays ok through the Mac speakers. I usually make use of the VLC media player is I can play MPEG-2 video from home movies but I then also have tried to play the other formats that is of AVI, M4V, MP4, MOV and DVD, video again works and plays ok but still when the Audio Interface is selected there is no sound. QuickTime works better through the audio interface for instance but obviously not for MPEG-2. I am thinking that there is an incompatibility between VLC and this Audio Interface. It will be very interesting if other makes of audio interface have the very same problem.

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