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Thread: How to convert XLS files To DBF Format in Excel 2007

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    How to convert XLS files To DBF Format in Excel 2007

    I have upgraded recently to office 07 from office 03 and noticed that it does not save the file to DBF format which is very disappointing. I thought that excel 07 will also be having features like excel03 that will convert the excel files to the various DBF formats like dBaseI, dBaseII, dBaseIII and dBaseIV. Now i want to save the files in the DBF format what should i do is there any application from which i can convert to DBF Format or any procedure in excel 07 to convert from XLS to DBF Format which i am unaware of. Suggest me some solutions which will help me out.

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    Re: How to convert XLS files To DBF Format in Excel 2007

    I would suggest you to try with a method that most of the users are trying with these days. Just add a saveDBFIV file to the add ins of the excel file. The particular files can be found in the internet if you search for it, you have to unzip or save the file to the particular add-in folder of the Microsoft addins folder. Just save it there and go through the different modules you will be able to get the Save As DBF files in the menu option. Just try with this solution and it will help you out.

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    Re: How to convert XLS files To DBF Format in Excel 2007

    If you ask me i would suggest you to search the internet for various converter software's that are available in the internet for e.g. there is an converter named XLS(Excel) to DBF Converter which will covert your excel file to the DBF format. There are two applications one is only for normal xls files while the other one supports XLS, XLSX, XLSB files and this application will work only if you have a Ms Excel 07 in your computer.Just try out with this application you can either download it or you can buy it.

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    Re: How to convert XLS files To DBF Format in Excel 2007

    You can do it by another simple method which i will suggest you, first you import the excel file to the Microsoft Access. There is an option called as Get External Data in the Access Toolbar which allows you to import the XLS data to the Access database. Now when you get the XLS table in the access database right click on the table of the XLS and select export and choose the dbase file from the list of options provided and click OK. This will export the file to the excel in the DBF format. In this way you will get the files in the DBF format in the Excel. You can try with this solution it will work out for you.

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