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Thread: Synchronizing Subscribed Folders in Outlook 2010

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    Synchronizing Subscribed Folders in Outlook 2010

    The use of the Microsoft outlook has been a advantage for me as this has helped in lot of business projects and have helped me out in properly sending of the details through the use of the user accounts that has been created by me int the Outlook 2010. It has has helped to send and receive the mails in a faster means and also reviving the details that I have got properly. But recently I have just got a minor issue with it with the sending and the receiving of the Mails that when I go to the second stage a error is shown to me that the synchronization is not done properly in it. And the error is shown to me as Synchronizing subscribed folders and also the error of the Checking for new mail in subscribed folder. Kindly help me out with this issue so that I can resole it properly and get the further processing of the work.

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    Re: Synchronizing Subscribed Folders in Outlook 2010

    First you got to see that what is the kind of problem is faced by you and that if the problem is that of the imap E-mail accounts. Because it happens when the imap E-mail account is not working properly then problems of the subscribed folders are caused to you. The synchronization also plays an important part in the folders and if the synchronization is not done properly then the folders that are said to have the issues of the Subscribing.

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    Re: Synchronizing Subscribed Folders in Outlook 2010

    For the fixing of the issues that are their for the imap you can follow the steps that are given below:
    • At the beginning you got to open the Outlook and then you got go to the options of it.
    • After that will find that the advanced tab is being and when it is displayed you then have to click on it.
    • Then select and then send the same and receive it.
    • After receiving it you got to edit it properly with the use of the proper words.
    • Then check out the two check boxes that appears.
    • The first checkbox is of the only sync in-box and the second one is of only load title.

    Try this out see whether it works out for you properly or not.

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    Re: Synchronizing Subscribed Folders in Outlook 2010

    Then you got to try out by crating the new account and also try out by configuring the Outlook and see whether it works automatically or not. I think that it should work out properly for you and then you got to compare all the settings and you will find it that the old accounts is requiring the files called the Require log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA), that will be enabled, but this same thing is not being displayed in the newer version of it.

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    Re: Synchronizing Subscribed Folders in Outlook 2010

    And when the problem is that of the imap then you got to triple check that what is appearing in your incoming server and what is being set to imap and see that it is suing the port 993 and the encryption of the SSL. Also triple check the option of the server that you are using is of the smtp and it makes the use of the port of the 587 and also the TLS encryption. And if the above settings are correctly made then you can check out your firewall settings and also see that the tools of the Office 2010 is allowed through this and the ports of 993 and 587 are not blocked out explicitly.

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