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Thread: MS Office 2010 Professional activation shows 0xC004C032 error ?

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    MS Office 2010 Professional activation shows 0xC004C032 error ?

    I have a desktop system with intel quad core processor. I am studying in 9th standard. I have a project on my way in the upcoming month and have to prepare a presentation for it. So I had installed Microsoft Office 2010 trial version , but as soon I try to activate it , a weird error pops up saying 0xC004C032 error and with a statement that states "this cannot be processed at this time". Please help me as this is very annoying , how I can I get rid of this issue ? P.S I use windows xp operating system.

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    Re: MS Office 2010 Professional activation shows 0xC004C032 error ?

    You mentioned that you are getting some error code while you are trying to activate the office tool and I have never seen such error code in my past. I think the it is the trial version and you will have to get it converted in full version buy buying it over the net. If that it is not the issue then I think the 2010 office tool is not installed properly or misses some necessary files in it's setup. If you are really in hurry then my advise will be that you can uninstall the MS Office 2010 and reinstall the older version of the office tool. I do not think that your school would have made it mandatory that your project should be made only in the MS 2010.

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    Re: MS Office 2010 Professional activation shows 0xC004C032 error ?

    You have the trial version of the MS Office tool installed. I think I can direct you and help you to resolve this issue. I think you have not entered the valid key which is stopping you to open this Office tool. So do as I direct you . When you are on the desktop screen, click on the Start button, then type cmd after clicking run , a command prompt will open and in that you will have to type cscript which will have the path of your MS Office tool. There you can type the product key of the system. After entering the product key, try to any of the office document. Wish you All the best for your project.

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    Re: MS Office 2010 Professional activation shows 0xC004C032 error ?

    Microsoft has added the new Office Open XML Formats to the following 2007 Microsoft Office programs and 2010 Microsoft Office programs:

    • * Microsoft Office Excel
    • * Microsoft Office PowerPoint
    • * Microsoft Office Word

    A compatibility pack is available to make sure that you can open and save Office Open XML Formats in earlier versions of Microsoft Office.You can install the compatibility pack on a computer that is running Microsoft Office 2003 programs, Microsoft Office XP programs, or Microsoft Office 2000 programs. When you install the compatibility pack, you can open, edit, save, and create files in the robust Office Open XML Formats.This article is intended for a beginning to intermediate computer user.You may find it easier to follow the steps if you print this article first.To install the Compatibility Pack in Office XP or in Office 2003, update Office, and then install the Compatibility Pack.If you are running Office 2000, there are no updates that you must install before you install the Compatibility Pack.

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