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Thread: How to disable the FONT cache?

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    How to disable the FONT cache?

    I have the VLC Media Player and I can see that it is best as far as I know. I was using the Media Player Classic at first but when I started using the VLC I was really found of that. Now the thing with the VLC is that I have seen that there is something called as the font Cache. I really do not know what it is. I have seen that a pop up from the VLC comes up and it says “Please wait your font cache is rebuilt. This should take less than few minutes.” I really do not know what is this Font Cache? I find it really irritating and I will be happy if someone can help me with disabling the same. Please help me guys and let me know soon. Also it will be nice if you can put some more light on the VLC FONT CACHE.

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    Re: How to disable the FONT cache?

    Please let me know what is operating system that you are having on the System? I will be happy if you can have that for me soon. It will be nice so that I have the perfect location for the VLC font cache that you are talking about. Now regarding the VLC I would just say that I even love this player and one thing that I would like tell about this player is that it is really fine when compared with other players. The sound quality of this VLC is superb it enhances the sound to somewhat four times what is coming out of the other players. Well let me know about the operating system and I will help you to find the location for the same. Is there any issue with the FONT CACHE of the VLC Media Player? Please let me know the problem as well.

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    Re: How to disable the FONT cache?

    You want to know the location of the VLC FONT CACHE then I will help you find that. If at all you are using the Windows 7 then you can just see the steps below and see the File below:
    Actually the VLC Player stores the font cache in the AppData folder in Windows 7
    • You can find it under the username
    • Then under the username you will have to search for the AppData
    • Then beneath that you will be able to see the Roaming
    • Under the Roaming you will be able to see the vlc.
    • Hope that you will be able to find the VLC FONT CACHE there under the Windows 7. The same steps hold for the Vista users as well.

    If at all you are having the Windows XP then you can find the same seeing the steps below:
    • Go in the Documents and Settings
    • Under the Documents and Settings you will be able to see username
    • Then under that you will have to see for Application Data
    • Finally you will see the same vlc.

    I am pretty sure that I have helped you with finding the location.

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    Re: How to disable the FONT cache?

    Thanks for telling about the location of the VLC Font Cache and I think that it is now immaterial to tell about the operating system that I am using on the system, but to be précised I will let you know that I have the Windows XP for me. Of course I was having the issue with the Font cache and hence I decided to disable the Font Cache for my VLC. I have seen that the Built Font Cache take too much time for building the files. I have seen that it takes about Two minutes for the entire media file to play and it uses the two minutes in building the font cache. I think that taking that much of time is really unacceptable. It really feels bad that we are there waiting for the movie to play and it is coming into action after 2 minutes of interval. Is there a way by which I can make use of the command line to disable the VLC Font Cache? I think that you must have understood the level of frustration that I am having.

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    Re: How to disable the FONT cache?

    I do not think that you should go with disabling the Font cache. The reason is that you want to display some of the video content on the player. If at all you want to have the textual content to be displayed on the Program Window then only this VLC Font Cache come in the picture. The VLC font cache is used to display or say that it is used for the subtitles. One more thing is there for which the Font Cache is used and that is On Screen Display (OSD). Making a final note of what I said that VLC Media Player and MPlayer make use of a font cache so that they can display Subtitles and OSD. For displaying the subtitles some sort of processing is required and that is where the time lag comes. Please try to play the files that do not have the subtitles within it and I am sure that for that file the VLC will response soon. In addition to that if you want you can have the REINSTALLATION of the VLC player again so that you may not suffer with any further issues.

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    Re: How to disable the FONT cache?

    I have the Window 7 as the operating system for me and I have successfully got rid of this VLC FONT CACHE that you all are talking about. Just see the steps that I did and I will let you know what is required by you to do in addition.
    1. First of all Right –Click on the VLC.exe
    2. Then you will have to go in the properties of the VLC
    3. As I was using the Windows 7 I clicked on the Compatibility tab
    4. In that tab I checked the box saying Run this program in compatibility mode
    5. Then I tried for the Vista Service Pack 1
    6. Then I clicked on the Apply button following that I clicked on the OK.

    After performing all that thing from that I have never seen this font cache loading and VLC opens instantly. In your case I would suggest you to check for the Windows XP SP 2 if you have the SP 3 and SP 1 if at all you are yet stuck with the SP 2. Please let me know about the same soon.

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