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Thread: Window's won't update, some services won't start

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    Window's won't update, some services won't start

    I reinstalled Vista, everything was working fine, apart from the fact that there was a virus on my computer which i had to get rid of.

    Now, the problem is that whenever i try to open up a file, a blue screen comes up and my computer crashes. I looked for a solution from windows and it appeared that because my NVIDIA hasn't been 'installed correctly' or has 'expired' is causing my computer to crash. I remember i had this problem a couple of months ago and windows update fixed it.

    For the last couple of days i've been trying to update my windows, however, it keeps failing with a particular error code. This code recommends me to go onto Services and check my Background Intelligence Transfer service and Windows Event log. Windows Event log is fine, however my BITS service won't start saying: (Something along the lines of) Background intelligence service has started but stopped at local computer. Some services stop automatically when not in use by programs or other services.

    Help please

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    Re: Window's won't update, some services won't start

    Have you verified the copy of Windows Vista which you had installed in your system. Is that geniune and valid. Blue screen appears on the screen when there is a major system crash. It also happens due to corrupt system files. For that you have run a scan for corrupt system files. To do that there is a tool in Vista called sfc. Just run command prompt and type sfc /scannow. It will scan your system and check each system file. It will also prompt you to insert windows disc to replace the file.

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