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Thread: remove a password from an access 2010 database file

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    remove a password from an access 2010 database file

    Hi can someone please help me remove a password from an access datbase file

    Hi i am not sure what the security is. when it loads it asks me for the password and then works fine it just will not let me remove the password.

    If i open it in the exclusive mode i put in the password and the i get to option to set a password.

    But whatever i enter it say not a valid password if i try and set a new one.

    So does this mean it might be user level security

    I enter data into this database on a daily basis and i have some old backups and it will let me remove the password from them ok but not the latest version.

    Regards to you all

    Hope you can help

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    Re: remove a password from an access 2010 database file

    When you remove a password from a database, you can restore it at any time (or replace it with another password) by repeating the steps in Encrypt a database by using a password, earlier in this article.
    Remove a password

    1. Open the database in Exclusive mode.
      • How do I open a database in Exclusive mode?
        • On the File tab, click Open.
        • In the Open dialog box, browse to the file that you want to open, and then select the file.
        • Click the arrow next to the Open button, and then click Open Exclusive. The following figure depicts the menu.
    2. On the File tab, click Info, and then click Decrypt Database.
    3. The Unset Database Password dialog box appears.
    4. Type your password in the Password box, and then click OK

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