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Thread: How to delete all emails in outlook web access?

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    How to delete all emails in outlook web access?

    I am having a Apple Mac Book laptop with the Leopard program which runs fine with all the features and also having the Microsoft Outlook express application. There is a problem with the mail transfer within the network. I used for the delete the mail from the mainframe. I choose the select all option for the delete the entire file which is under the application. I tried this with the outlook web access. After attempting for the delete of the mail it takes the more time to delete the entire selection. Is there any way to speed up the process? Now I delete the mails by select the single file from the list and then attempt to delete. Any suggestion will be helpful for me.

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    Re: How to delete all emails in outlook web access?

    according to me the Outlook Web Access, by that you have tried to delete the mail from the mail box, so as per my knowledge this is the standalone email client. Known as the web-mail. And in the actions in the Web-mail client are performed according to the performed through some of the check-boxes and tabs of the windows. Outlook web access does not offers you to do immediate action while choosing the mail box from the check box like the other mail services.

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    Re: How to delete all emails in outlook web access?

    I did this solution with the address which is a java script and this one is used for the delete the mails in the selection of the all the mails. The outlook service may be response late but I sure after the applying of the script this will help you for the delete the mail while you select the total file or mails in the mail box where you tried to delete them. The script will check the check box that you are having inside of each of the mails in your mail box.
    javascript:var f=document.activeElement.childNodes;
    .contentDocument;var c=f:
    all['MsgID'];var i;for(i=0;i<c.length;i++){c[i].click();}
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    Re: How to delete all emails in outlook web access?

    Which version of the OWA you are using, because as per my knowledge the earlier versions are not having the feature that you are looking for, but it might be featured in the earlier or the latest version of the OWA. So if your are using the earlier version then I don’t think that one is not having the feature which is you are asking in your post, for that you have to select the single mail or the file to delete and then delete that one with the desired option. So if you are looking for the latest then use the latest version.

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