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Thread: Displaying subtitle in VLC player

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    Displaying subtitle in VLC player

    I am having VLC player installed on my desktop. Few days before when I used VLC to play the songs it was going fine. But now when I drag and drop songs on the player. It starts playing the song and the sound is also perfect but the subtitle that the player must show is invisible. I also tried to change the setting of the player but the player failed to show the subtitles. I tested using Advanced Open in VLC but the subtitle failed to display. Is there any solution to display subtitle.

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    Re: Displaying subtitle in VLC player

    The solution of not displaying subtitle is because of two possibilities and they are:

    • Make sure that you are using the same font which the VLC is using.
    • Take care of text codification problems.
    • If either of the above two problems occur then go to settings and set it to default setting.
    • The VLC will be having default setting and it will display subtitles.

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    Re: Displaying subtitle in VLC player

    To display the subtitles of VLC player you need to carry out few steps. The steps are given as follow:

    1. Download and install the VLC player.
    2. Open the VLC player.
    3. Go to toolbar in the VLC window.
    4. Select settings and then select preferences.
    5. In the preferences tab select video and click on the subtitle checkbox.
    6. VLC player will display subtitle.

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    Re: Displaying subtitle in VLC player

    There are two ways of doing it:

    Method 1
    You can download most popular subtitle. One of the subtitle provider is “OpenSubtitles”.
    Now you can download the .srt file of the movie of your choice.
    Click & play the avi/divx file of your movie in the VLC player.
    Now drag and drop the .srt file you have downloaded on the VLC player screen. The subtitles will be displayed.

    Method 2
    Open VLC media player and go to Video / Subtitles Track/ Open File.
    A dialog box named Open Subtitles will appear. Select your .srt file. Click on the open button of the dialog box. You’ve successfully attached your chosen language subtitles to your movie.

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    Re: Displaying subtitle in VLC player

    Thanks my problem has been sorted.With the above methods provided the subtitles have been visible into the VLC player. But after solving the subtitle problem i am unable to synchronize my subtitle. Trying to synchronize subtitle prompts with an error message and the window exits. I have tried a lot to synchronize subtitle but couldn't succeed. Please provide some other way or technique for synchronizing subtitle.

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    Re: Displaying subtitle in VLC player

    To synchronize subtitle follow these steps:

    • Download and install VLC Player.
    • Under the VLC Player go to File Menu.
    • Specify the name of the file which you want to synchronize.
    • Click the check box near “Use a subtitle file”. Click on browse to open the subtitle.
    • Go to “Advanced settings”. If the titles are too fast then delay into minus and if titles are too slow then move it into positive.

    The subtitles will be synchronized.

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