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Thread: Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

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    Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

    I have purchased a new iMac for my college and I am running snow Leopard and have bootcamp. I have complete version of windows & 64 bit and I want to install it on my imac. I just want to know the best way to install windows 7 on my iMac.I do not too much knowledge of computers so please provide detail information how to install windows 7 on Mac? Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

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    Re: Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

    An option for you is dual booting which means having other than one operating system installed on your imac and at time when your system starts, it prompts you to select which operating system you would like to run. On PowerPC Macs you can install and dual-boot OS X however Intel Macs boot the sovereign of operating systems windows. This way now you will be capable to tri-boot Macs, selecting either OS X, Linux or Windows. If you ensue to discover Windows is so better that you barely yet go into OS X but you still fail to notice it for nostalgia’s sake, you be able to still fire up OS X to play chess. So now you will have best of both worlds – Windows Solitaire, and Mac Chess.

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    Re: Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

    You can also have virtual computing to run an OS within an operating system. With the purpose your main operating system hosts a secondary operating system. Apple for example has been doing so by means of OS 9 in OS X from the day one. Within virtual computing on the Mac, there are a few options Guest PC, Virtual PC and Parallels Desktop .While the first two will only run under PowerPC Macs, Parallels is the just single developed purposely for Intel Macs. Because it is causing somewhat a consciousness in the Mac community.Microsoft has long ruled the world of virtual.

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    Re: Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

    Wine is a program that lets you to run windows application without requiring windows operating system. It is completely free and legal source. Today's windows and mac are running together very well. Using bootcamp you can install windows and mac side by side and switch between them. But you will need to boot everytime and you will be able to use only one application at a time. Parallels Desktop can also be used to virtualize windows and run it along with Mac but the disadvantage is that visualization is slow and it takes up a lot of memory. But wine is different when it runs it request for resource such as memory and disk space from operating system.

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    Re: Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

    Single difficulty through WINE answer is that you are suppose to configure every application. Within an attempt to build that process greatly easier, Codeweavers released CrossOver and According to the CrossOver website they said that a Mac version is upcoming quickly.The main advantage of CrossOver, WINE and DarWINE is that they let you to install Windows programs without needing to purchase a duplicate of Windows.

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    Re: Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

    However Windows 7 will not run as fast in Parallels Desktop as it run through Boot Camp, it is extremely simple method to get Windows 7 running on your Mac:
    Step 1)Click File / New Virtual Machine and then Click Continue.
    Step2) If you are having windows 7 burned to DVD then select Real CD/DVD-ROM on the Operating system Detection
    Step3)From type select windows and from version select windows 7 and click continue.
    Step4) From the Virtual Machine Type window, select Custom and click Continue.
    Step5)I will suggest to choose Number of CPUs as 1.Click continue
    Step6) On the Hard Disk Options screen Select New image file. click Continue.
    Step7) Select Shared Networking as the Networking Type . Click Continue.
    Step8) On the Optimization Options screen, select Virutal Machine
    Step9) specify the virtual machine name and location
    Step10) select Real CD/DVD-ROM Drive if you’ve burned Windows 7 to DVD and click done to start the installation.

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    Re: Best way to install Windows 2007 on my iMac running Snow Leopard

    I think that Apple's Boot Camp application is extremely smart and have been dual booting Macs for fairly a while, even if more often than not into different flavors of Linux or associated. I still had my tri-booting Mac laptop build it to the cover of a Linux magazine. Even if, the thought of running Windows or another operating system within Mac OS X via "virtual machine" or "virtualization" solution, is too superior to ignore. That's why I was excited as soon as Parallels released its Parallels Desktop, a full Windows-capable virtualization package

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