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Thread: Mic makes garbled sound on Macbook pro+ Bootcamp windows XP

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    Mic makes garbled sound on Macbook pro+ Bootcamp windows XP

    I just purchased a15 inch Macbook pro for college and installed Windows XP by means of BootCamp as a result I can play my games. The whole thing runs nice, apart from that SimCity 4 crashes every so frequently.On the other hand, I attempt to make a video call all the way through Windows Live Messenger to my girlfriend and my mic won’t work. Sincerely, it’s similar to extra-large slow voice. Therefore I go to audio and test it out. Recording is working fine until I smack the playback where it is immediately garbled noise as an alternative of what I was saying. The mic is working perfectly on Mac OSX, it only messes up when I am in Windows. Is there a driver I need to download somewhere to fix this?Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

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    Re: Mic makes garbled sound on Macbook pro+ Bootcamp windows XP

    You require a driver to facilitate it for windows , so that MIC will work well again if it is in MacBook PRO. I will suggest you to go to sound recorder and test it and see whether it work fine, after that you try to test it on Windows live Messenger and I see whether you are getting the monster voice once more. If further you have any issue so let me know.

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    Re: Mic makes garbled sound on Macbook pro+ Bootcamp windows XP

    I think your voice quality is garbled because of your head movements and Always varying distance to the mike. Extended knowledge as ATC has given away that people by means of headsets are always better to understand. Check your original headset instantly through various buddies and ask them how their response of your voice is. In case they report sub marginal voice quality then return it and get a new one. Confirm the specs of your mike input. It may be essential to acquire a low-priced USB audio stick also. This has the great benefit to facilitate you to have engine sound on the speakers and ATC on the headset..

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    Re: Mic makes garbled sound on Macbook pro+ Bootcamp windows XP

    I now installed Windows7 on my MacBook Pro under Boot Camp and after a new Windows install and updated to the latest Boot Camp software in Windows mic finally work. Unfortunately Windows 7 is just freaking vast. Make a note that under XP I furthermore had the mainly up to date version of Boot Camp however it still had the trouble described above. I'll be keen to check for XP except that will need me reinstalling so I'll just do it to verify fix.

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    Re: Mic makes garbled sound on Macbook pro+ Bootcamp windows XP

    I've just purchased the Macbook Pro and I've installed X-Plane on Windows XP. When X-Plane is in progress through the xsquawkbox plug in installed every recording program I make use of, which includes the xsquawkbox voice input and it sounds very garbled as verified through the attached file. As soon as I get xsquawkbox support out, the trouble goes gone so it doesn't seem similar to X-Plane itself causes the trouble. Now I'm capable to make use of xsquawkbox in the Mac OS X side, however it's not helpful to me present gnsx30 doesn't work. On the other hand it does give you an idea about it's not a hardware matter. I've tried the latest drivers, but the trouble still persists.

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