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Thread: How to stop Ctfmon.exe in Microsoft Office 2007

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    How to stop Ctfmon.exe in Microsoft Office 2007

    I am having one issue regarding which i need your help. I have installed the Microsoft Office 2007 and at the startup Ctfmon.exe in Microsoft Office 2007. I need to know how to stop this process at the start up. I have gone through the removal of the same into the Office 2003 but not sure about the Office 2007. So if you are having any solution for the same then please let me know about the same. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to stop Ctfmon.exe in Microsoft Office 2007

    If you have closed the Ctfmon.exe process into the Microsoft Office 2003 then you have to follow the same process to deactivate the Ctfmon.exe into the Office 2007 also. First thing you have to do is to get into the msconfig from the Start> run and type msconfig and then to the startup tab and deselect the Ctfmon.exe from the startup and after that go to the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+del and kill the same process. Now click on Start and select run and type Regsvr32.exe /u msimtf.dll and hit enter button. Now you will get a message box prompting that same is deleted. Now you can get the Microsoft running without the Ctfmon.exe. So try this out and see whether you will get it working with the same or not.

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    Re: How to stop Ctfmon.exe in Microsoft Office 2007

    Why do you wanted to close this file. I am not sure about the working of the same but let me tell you that you can go through the below given step which will help you for the same. I have gone through the same and let me tell you that this working with the issue of mine and hoping that this will resolve the issue of yours also.

    1. Click on Start
    2. Go to Control Panel
    3. Click "Regional options and language date time"
    4. Click Regional and Language Options
    5. Click Languages tab
    6. Then under the heading text service and input language click details
    7. Go on Advanced tab
    8. Click on Stop advanced text services from system configuration

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    Re: How to stop Ctfmon.exe in Microsoft Office 2007

    Go through the below given instruction and let me know whether it is working with the same or not.

    • Quit all Office programs.
    • Click Start, Point Settings Then click Control Panel. NOTE In Windows XP, click Start, Then Control Panel.
    • In the Control Panel, double-click Add / Remove Programs.NOTE: In Windows XP, click Add or Remove Programs.
    • In the list Currently installed programs Selected product Microsoft Office XP. Where Office XP product is the name of the specific Office product being used. If you use a standalone version of the Office program, select the appropriate product in the list. Click Edit.
    • In the dialog box Maintenance Mode Options Selected Add or Remove Features Then click Next. The dialog Choose installation options for all tools and applications of Microsoft Office appears.
    • Click the plus sign (+) next to Office Shared Features to expand it.
    • Click on the icon next to Alternative User Input And select Not available.
    • Click Update.

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