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Thread: Installation Error 0x80004004 of Windows Live Essential.

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    Installation Error 0x80004004 of Windows Live Essential.

    There is a problem in the installation of the windows live essential, I encountered it just few days back. I tried it into the internet explorer browser which is installed in my dell computer which is compatible with the windows Vista operating system. I tried to do the installation by the NAG, It ask me for the update the windows live application, I allow the option. It shows me that the installation is complete but suddenly it returned into the back position of the download, means in the beginning of the download. And after a few second it shows a error message that is like the 0x080004000b. I tried to install this multiple time, but every time it happens they same thing. What should I do, to install the application?

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    Re: Installation Error 0x80004004 of Windows Live Essential.

    I think that there is some installer file is deleting from the machine, for that it making the problem on the installation. I suggest you to un-install the windows live essential program and then again re-install it into your computer. And after that the uninstall remove the entire temporary file as well as the registry file those are not used for the new installation of the application. For the un-installation go to the start of the desktop and then insert the appwiz.cpl keyword in the run option under that and hit on ENTER. Look for the option either the remove or to change the program and follow the screen instructions to install the program.

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    Re: Installation Error 0x80004004 of Windows Live Essential.

    Check the log file of the windows live essential application “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\WLSetup“. The log file will appear in the zip or the compressed file, or it might not be in the zip file if you found that in the normal format then right click on the log file and make it the zip file by selecting the . n the vista operating system machine go to the start menu and insert the keyword %Windir%\ in the run option. You might be ask for the confirmation, make sure that you are logged in as the administrator, provide the user name and the password for the confirmation of the operation. Go to the WindowsUpdate.log file, right click on ten file and send to the Compressed or zipped Folder. Save the file in the same location with the file name as the “”. It will help you while you go for the upgrade the essential of the windows live application.

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    Re: Installation Error 0x80004004 of Windows Live Essential.

    I think there is a problem with the system specification for installing the windows live essential, actually I had also the same issue, I also tried to install the application multiple time into my computer, but after that I got a basic system specification for the installation of the windows live essential, and this quite help me to recover my specification. So I also giving you the specification it will might be help you to install the application. If you are having the requirement for the installation of the application, then there is some other issue. Operating system should be Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (32-bit edition only), Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit editions), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit editions), or Windows Server 2008. Processor support for the windows Vista is 800 MHz or more than that. For vista the128MB or more than that memory required. To run the window live any application you have to install the any version of the Internet Explorer browser. DirectX or the video card is essential to execute the program.

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