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Thread: Unable to open a file stored in Skydrive

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    Unable to open a file stored in Skydrive

    I have installed office 2010 on my desktop computer. I am getting problem while opening the MS project 2010 files in my Skydrive. I have downloaded this file for my use. It is in visio file format i have uploaded this file to Skydrive normally. when i tried to open it then an error is pop up showing, that the file format is not supported then i tried to open it using web link then also same problem is occurred. What should i do to open this file format? Any suggestion will appreciate.
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    Re: Unable to open a file stored in Skydrive

    In my point of view you are trying to open the non office file format and because of that you are unable to open your project. I think if you are having the ms office CD with you then you can install the Visio file format application to your computer. Just by inserting the ms office CD, choose the repair option for installation and then select the programs which you want to install on your machine and then again try to open that file.

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    Re: Unable to open a file stored in Skydrive

    I have search through your question and I guess that the project file which you have downloaded it may have been corrupted. And only because of that it is unable to open the file. I advice you, if possible then download this file again and then open it again. I hope this may fix the problem. if you are having any other query then please reply me.

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    Re: Unable to open a file stored in Skydrive

    I think you are opening the file using the wrong link. i recommend you that try to open other file formats of ms office like excel file or any of .ppt file in the skydrive. If that files are getting open then i think the problem with your project file, or the same problem is occur while opening these files then i think the link you are using is wrong. So first do check that then go for the next step to change your link
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