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Thread: Error in the dll file for windows live beta

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    Error in the dll file for windows live beta

    I am getting a dll error after the installation of the windows live beta to my desktop computer, i am running windows XP operating system on it. In between the installation i was getting a message about some of the files, and then continuously pressed ignored to installed windows live beta. But after the installation i start to get the dynamic like library error. And also i get this error message while opening the other programs. I donít know what to do know if anyone having suggestion on this please tell me. Any suggestion will appreciate thanks in advance.

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    As far I know that dll, dynamic link library files which are very essential to run the programs. Your program could not run properly if you donít have this file included in your program. As you have written that during installation you are getting a message regarding the files, then I think you installation has been complete properly. I will suggest you to install windows live beta to your computer.

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    In my point of view you are getting this error message because of the uxcore.dll file. This file may cause error message, this can be solve by deleting this file from you window live folder. Here I have given you the path of the folder go in the folder and delete that file "C:\Program Files\Windows Live\ shared" folder. I think after the cleanup of this file you may get the error again. I hope this information may help you

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    When you uninstalled the previous windows live programs then some files are removed but some of the registry files are remain to the computer. And only because of that system is missing dll files. In my recommendation you should clean your registry using RegInOut, so that all the previous files of the programs can be removed. If you are having any other query then reply me.

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    I was getting the same dynamic link library error. Then one of my friends, who is a computer technician suggested me to get the dll repair tool. Then I downloaded this tool and ran it, believe me after that all my dll files are cleaned and then after that I am not getting this error again. I will suggest you the same, get the repair tool for this and run it on your computer and choose the locations of the files and then select the fix button to scan your computer.

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