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Thread: windows live messenger - more problems

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    angry windows live messenger - more problems

    having spent nearly 3 weeks getting rid of error 8007007e i thought i had seen the end of windows live messenger problems. But no. After signing out of my first successful post 8007007e session, the next time i signed in it looked to open ok, briefly showed the WLM contacts window, then shut down, leaving a WLM icon in the task bar. If you move the cursor over that icon, it disappears. So i tried signing in with a different id. Success - thought i'd cracked it. Emailed all my friends to give them the new id. Signed back in later - same thing, it closed itself after a few seconds. By way of a test i set up a new id - first time i used it it was fine - on subsequent log ons it just closed after briefly displaying the contact window.
    I am very reluctant to do a reinstall because i know windows & other uninstallers don't do the job and leave bits behind, and when you try a reinstall it says you already have messenger. Even if you get past that, that road leads to error 8007007e and all its frustrations.
    So - any suggestions on what i can do to stop WLM closing? Googling to find a solution i'm amazed at how many problems people are having with this program... it's about time MS released a working version!!
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    Re: windows live messenger - more problems

    Well, what i can suggest in this case is first completely uninstall the WIndows live messenger completely and do a fresh reinstall. FOr doing so, just go through these threads:
    Uninstalling Windows Live Messenger 2009
    Uninstall Windows Live messenger in 2 simple Steps

    Later, if you still get the same error than you can get some more info about the same from here: Error code 8007007e in windows live messenger. Hope this will work for you.

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    Re: windows live messenger - more problems

    thanks for the reply Maq - but i've been down that route so many times. It's pretty difficult to get WLM completely uninstalled, though i did eventually manage it last week, did a complete clean reinstall and this got rid of 8007007e.
    So effectively i've already done what you said.. but now i have ths new problem where i can only sign in once using an id - if i sign out of the session, when i sign in again, it WLM just closes itself...
    There seem to be so many suggested cures for the 8007007e problem and most of them didn't work. I had to do a combination of software and manual uninstalls which included having to delete files from the registry. But a lot of the cures ask you to delete registry files, yet when you look they aren't there. One suggested cure for my current problem is to delete a registry file called policies - i don't have that file. I am ready to give up on WLM until a new working release comes out - itm i'll look for another messenger i think..

    the fact that i can sign on successfully the first time i use an id, but then not subsequently using that id would seem to suggest the problem is in messenger itself (?)

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