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Thread: Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

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    ohmy Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

    Since yesterday I use Office 2010 Professional (Academic). Before I installed Office 2007 and I used to install the upgrade option. Unfortunately I now have the problem that appear in Outlook 2010 no new received e-mails. Outlook shows me to retrieve, while accepting that it has downloaded a number of new mails. I click on the envelope icon in the taskbar, I can read the mail too, but that will not appear in the Inbox folder. Rules are all disabled. A search for the missing mail brought no success. So suddenly thought that you members can provide some help regarding this topic. I have test times as Office 2010 completely uninstalled and again reinstalled. Here again the problem arises. The operating system I use Windows 7 (64 bit) and Office in the 32 bit version. I am hoping that someone will help me immediately.

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    Re: Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

    I have "fixed" the above cited issue. The steps I performed:
    File tab is clicked -> Account Settings -> 1 E-mail Address clicked and clicked on another folder -> Personal Folders \ Inbox to Personal Folders \ Inbox \ Mail1 last run. The rest of the e-mail addresses same. New e-mails directly to the folders sorted and displayed. :-) The problem with the access to the Outlook data file is gone.
    Finally I can use Outlook 2010. The only question is why the folder Outlook Personal Folders \ Inbox problems with new e-mails, in Outlook 2010.

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    Re: Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

    Method 1

    1. Start your Outlook with the following parameters:
    2. Start - Run (Windows key + R)
    3. In command line you give now the following:
      "Outlook.exe / reset folders"
      (without quotation marks!)
    4. Please test then the behavior of your Microsoft Outlook. How does the inbox now?

    Method 2

    This does not work so could your data file (.Pst) to be damaged. To ensure this we will check them therefore. Navigate to the path "C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ Office14", where you will find the file SCANPST.EXE. I would like to ask you this tool to start, and to examine your data file. (Outlook must be closed here for!) The default location of the data file is the following: C: \ Users \ YOUR NAME \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Outlook \ Outlook.pst. After this operation, you re-test the behavior.

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    Re: Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

    Method 1 did not help. The same behavior as described. In method 2 was the following information:
    After running the SCANPST.EXE and there appears "successful repair," I now have a second error. A 4 e-mail addresses can not be obtained from: "On the Outlook data file can not be accessed" off. The other 3 calls with no problems addresses. My issue described above is unfortunately still there. I have more time e-mail. An e-mail I have opened directly on the envelope icon in the taskbar, and then in a folder (Inbox) moved. This works and this e-mail is also displayed. Still want some more help..

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    Re: Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

    I also use the Office 2010 Professional (Academic) version and have the same problem as the questioner. I use a MS Exchange account and 3 IMAP accounts. The problem manifests itself with me so that new email can be accessed though, this click will not appear until after I manually on each folder. However, this behavior can be observed only in the IMAP inbox. In all Exchange Inbox is displayed directly. Some solutions mentioned here, I can not perform because the option "Change Ordener" in the IMAP account is hidden. I hope you can help me. The current situation is unfortunately very bad ...

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    Re: Outlook 2010 shows no new email in the inbox

    Unfortunately I can not understand your "countermeasure". I'll have to create a new folder, for a change "Inbox" is not possible. As this new folder to get to say exactly? Is this then a sub-folders of inbox? be integrated into the Outlook.pst file, it must have in any case. Some attempts failed! An email notification I can at present of course not received. This is not to change with IMAP accounts and standard.

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