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Thread: Internet explorer 8 not showing tool menu

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    Internet explorer 8 not showing tool menu

    I am facing a problem with my internet explorer 8 from last one week. I cannot see tool menu option of my internet explorer 8. this is first time that i am facing this problem.and i dont have too much knowledge about it. so now i want your help on this.if you can then please solve my this problem?

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    Re: Internet explorer 8 not showing tool menu

    yes sometimes this will happen when you are starting your computer,and you see that the tool bar or menu bar are missing from can solve this problem by your own by modify your registry. but be careful when you are modifying the registry because it may create very serious problem,if you modify it incorrectly. and for protection side i will suggest you that you keep back up of registry before you are going to modify try it,i think this will fix your problem.
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    Re: Internet explorer 8 not showing tool menu

    you are facing a problem with tool menu of your internet explorer 8,and my experience says that sometimes this will be happen because of antivirus software. because i had saw earliar that many user facing with same problem, and that time i suggest them to install new antivirus software and their problem get solved that time. so i advise you that you do this first. install new software in your computer and then check. i think you will see your tool bar this time.
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    Re: Internet explorer 8 not showing tool menu

    sometimes this problem will happen because of add-ons or plug-ins that we can not see the option of internet explorer if add-in get can check that is your problem is because of add-ons. To check this just right click on internet explorer and select option 'Run without Add-ons'. if your internet explorer is working properly then your one or more of add-ons are corrupt. to fix this problem start new internet explorer and disable all plug-in and after that enable each plug-in one by soon as you enable the corrupt plug-in you will come out from your internet explorer click on the remove button after selecting the plug-in in the manage add-ons window to solve this problem.

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    Re: Internet explorer 8 not showing tool menu

    first check for your antivirus software, if it is working properly then check for add-ons.and if it is corrupted then fix that problem as mention above.If still you are facing a same problem then try to modify your registry. but before modifying i will suggest you that keep backup of your registry.To backup and restore the registry in windows do as follows-
    1> close all internet explorer and then click on start and then click on Run.
    2> In open box type regit, and then click ok.
    3>Locate and then click the following registry subkey:-
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar
    4>Here you can use one or both steps as per as your situation-
    -for windows explorer= in the details pane, place the explorer subkey,
    and then open it.
    -for internet explorer= in detail pane, place the web broweser
    subkey and then open it.
    5> After that on File menu, click Exit.
    after doing all this thing restart your PC and i thing your problem will be solved.

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