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Thread: MSE updates making PC virtually unusable

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    MSE updates making PC virtually unusable

    I have just start using Microsoft Security Essentials in my system to provide security to my computer system from spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious software programs which can harm the system and can attack different data of computer which may crash the system or damage its components. But after installing Microsoft Security Essentials on my system using which scanning is for one hour but I am getting updates and downloads on usual time which makes the system unusable for working on it about 2 to 3 hours. So if anyone having solution for prevent such downloads occurring at other than mentioned scheduled times by Microsoft Security Essentials updates
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    Re: MSE updates making PC virtually unusable

    It may be because of the performance problem with the use of the realtime antimalware which are there in your system to protect your system from such kind of viruses, Trojans , worms etc. I suggest you to just uninstall the anti viruses which you are using to protect your system and try to use that anti virus which will be compatible with your system and will not create any performance problem in your system after it is install in the computer.

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    Re: MSE updates making PC virtually unusable

    I think this can not happen because of just signature download as it happens very few time and it is very small so as far i know this can not cause any performance problem in your machine so this can be because of some other reason which is creating performance issue in your machine not the Microsoft security essentials update. Try to fix some other problem beside update problem you are thinking of which can't be the problem.

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    Re: MSE updates making PC virtually unusable

    Your problem of system getting unusable can be because of the multiple process running on your system so try to see that using Task Manager and just close down the unwanted process which you may do after wards when you experience slowness in the system. Or still you feel it is because of Microsoft Security Essentials updates then you can switch to some other type of scanner for your system to protect it from the malicious software programs such as worms,Trojans etc. You can use Quick Scan as you don't need full scan as real time is always helpful but recommend Microsoft Security Essentials which can be the best security for your computer system as far as malicious code is concern.

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    Re: MSE updates making PC virtually unusable

    You can go for uninstalling your Microsoft security essentials and go for the any other type of anti virus to protect your machine. Your system performance can be slow done because of certain application in your problem which might be creating problem in your processor and slow down your system so you can check for such application in your system. So you can go for other scanner to protect the system from such threats to your processor.

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