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Thread: Backing Up User Profile

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    Backing Up User Profile

    I am having a Acer laptop with the windows XP home edition operating system. I usually not connect my laptop to any network. The problem is before a few days when I tried to reboot my laptop, I display a message in the screen that the file of the user on the laptop is corrupted. And a new “TEMP” file is created in the Document and setting. After that for every time when I boot the laptop it flashes the same message and then it will ask for creation of the new file in a new profile in the user folder of the laptop. But I don’t want to build any new profile on my laptop. Is there any way to reconfigure the profile to fix the issue? Or any other solution? Any idea on this will be greatly appreciated….

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    Re: Backing Up User Profile

    I don’t think so that there is any way to reconfigure the user profile of your laptop. Yes the system restore will help you to fix the issue, you should take a restore point from the laptop and then check the profile setting. For that you go to the START menu of the laptop an=d then go to the ACCESSORIES, where you will found the system restore point option of the laptop. After the completion of the system restore you will ask for the reboot of the system, do that and then access the machine. I hope after you will not face any such error regarding the profile.

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    Re: Backing Up User Profile

    I also suggest you to system restore of the laptop. I had the same issue in my DELL computer which is also running in the Windows XP operating system. The problem was whenever I log-on to the system it will ask for the corruption of the user file and request me for create a newly profile in that machine. I searched everywhere for the solution, but found nothing. After a few months one of my friend who was also experienced from the same has suggest me for the solution which will works , and now I suggest you to go through the steps, hope it will definitely help you.
    1.Turn on the system and start pressing the F8 key as get the BIOS information.
    2.Select Safe Mode at the Windows Advanced Options Menu.
    3.With the administrative account information log on to the computer.
    4.Type %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe in the RUN command prompt.
    5.You will see the information regarding the restore the machine, follow these and make restore of the system.

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    Re: Backing Up User Profile

    I read the complete post that you have posted regarding the issue on the user profile of the computer. Just few months ago I had the similar experience, after that I did a solution which works for me, I make a drive imaging program, and in a external DVD I stored the image of the program. After that I run the image of the program in my computer and then it detects the problem for that the issue occurred and restore it by the program, it takes a back up of the file before restoring, by that you are safe while you restore the system, for prevent the corruption of any file from the information. The information that I used along with the program are like the Norton Ghost, Acronis True Image and the Terabyte BootItNG application.

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    Re: Backing Up User Profile

    I don’t think so the system restore will be helpful for you to overcome from the problem that you have mentioned. The system restore will uninstall the software which you applying that one for the restoring to a point. Actually in the system restore it only deletes the monitored files of the application that you are using in the laptop. And the issue that you have mentioned is a non-monitored file of your system. So I suggest you to don’t go for the system restore it may remove the important application from your laptop, by which you might be not able to reconfigure the profile f the user account.

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    Re: Backing Up User Profile

    By system restore any registry entries will also be removed from the computer. It will cause for the non-function any application of your machine. It also cause for the install or the uninstall of any application of any other application from the laptop. So you should install nay program after the restore of the whole system if it needed. If you will not get any result you can also undo the restore that you made earlier. I suggest to do something manual to fix the issue that you have mentioned.

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