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Thread: Uninstall tages driver windows 7

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    Uninstall tages driver windows 7

    I am facing the problem of the tages on my computer system. I have installed windows 7 operating system on my computer system in it. I am unable to recognize what exact problem I am facing with my computer system. My computer system continues in saying that a driver is blocked because of the incompatibility and itís the tages. What I can do for this problem. Do anyone have idea how I can remove this problem from my computer system. Any help related to the same problem will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Uninstall tages driver windows 7

    You can go to run the hardware and software estimation tool on your computer system and test out if there are a few incompatibilities in your computer system. Really, this tool will list all the mechanism installed in your computer system as per the list that is compatible and incompatible. Get free of all the function and programs that are exposed to be incompatible and then install the right and compatible mechanism. This should fix the problem that you are facing.

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    Re: Uninstall tages driver windows 7

    I think you have to uninstall the tages drivers from your windows 7 operating system. You have to follows the steps which are given below. I hope this will help for the same problem what you are facing on your computer system.
    • Reboot your windows operating system and push F8 key to enter the safe mode.
    • Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers and locate atjsgt.sys and linsgt.sys
    • Delete the two system files and the tages drivers will be removed from the computer system.

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    Re: Uninstall tages driver windows 7

    I had gone to the same problem with my computer system. I am really got bored of the pop-up of the link. I have removed the tages from the drivers.

    1. You have to download the TagesSetup.exe and scuttle it on your computer system to install in it.
    2. Run TagesSetup.exe again to remove tages driver from your computer system.

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    Re: Uninstall tages driver windows 7

    I suggest you that this driver has to be updated to the 5.5 version to be utilized along with the Windows 7 operating system on my computer system. Because this has helped me to get free of the condition. So, I suggest you to do the identical process, since this method had worked out on my computer system and hence, I can promise you that there will be no troubles with it after you update it with the new one. For more information about this problem you can go to our forum link which has the following solution to solve this problem.

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    Re: Uninstall tages driver windows 7

    It looks that there must be a game installed in your computer system that is incompatible with your Windows 7 operating system which you have. This is the cause why the Windows 7 operating system Pro x64 Tages Protection Driver issue is being appeared by you on your computer system. You have to set it in the compatibility mode with the assist of the "troubleshoot compatibility" option on your computer system, that is obtainable when you right-click on the icon of the same game you are using. I hope this will solve the problem.

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