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Thread: Best replacement for Outlook Express in Windows 7?

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    Best replacement for Outlook Express in Windows 7?

    I have a Lenovo computer which is compatible with the windows 7 64-bit operating system. The problem in my computer the windows live Mail is simply fails, the outlook is worthless, and I wish to replace it with the other one. I heard that the Thunderbird is pretty good in this situation, anyone have a any idea on this issue? What will be best instead of the MS outlook regarding the problem?

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    Re: Best replacement for Outlook Express in Windows 7?

    The OE is very much working for me, where as I had the similar issue and the OE is worked very well in my computer with the Windows 7 operating system. After installing the OE, I get all my mail those are lost while I used the MS outlook for the live email service. After that I can easily send or receive the mails from the server. Yes the Thunderbird is also a good one, you can use it instead of MS outlook, another option is there in the internet service, you can also go for that, which is named as recover mail outlook express. It will also works in the windows 7 in the live mail, one of my friend is using that one.

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    Re: Best replacement for Outlook Express in Windows 7?

    I am using the MS outlook express in my computer, and it is working well. Though it take more times for the researching and testing alternatives. `then I install the Thunderbird with the version of with Windows 7 RC build. I have multiple email accounts in different web-sites, and by the Thunderbird application I can easily access all the mails without any error. The application allows me to access the accounts separately for receive the mails for each account.
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    Re: Best replacement for Outlook Express in Windows 7?

    The Thunderbird is a good application to access the mail box if you have the multiple mail accounts, this application is offers you to access the multiple accounts in a single time, whatever you wish to access at a single time. These are stored in the separate inbox or in a common box. By this you will be able to do anything under Outlook Express. The most difficult think is that the exchanging of the mail from an existing to a new mail.

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