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Thread: System requirement for IE9

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    System requirement for IE9

    Version of Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 9 Beta, What are the minimum required or system requirements of operating system to install IE9? Why can not I install Internet Explorer 9 on Windows XP? If any one has installed internet explorer on windows xp then please let me know the processes?

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    Re: System requirement for IE9

    Internet Explorer 9 uses most of the graphics and performance of sub-layers that were introduced with Windows Vista and later collected by Windows 7. Windows XP does not support IE9.IE9 To use the operating system must be at least Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or Windows 7 RTM. Further updates are needed for graphics and beta IE9 installs automatically.

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    Re: System requirement for IE9

    Some of the things that should be included in IE 9 are

    - Could have problems if Microsoft did not think the CSS, the HTML 5 ...
    - It supports video and audio tags, will be there as dynamic as Firefox 3.5?
    - If he has a download manager, market share could increase

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    Re: System requirement for IE9

    These are the core features that microsoft are looking to make IE9 better

    New Internet Explorer 9
    - SunSpider: Better
    - Support for HTML 5
    - Support for CSS 3

    Also, windows xp does not support internet explorer 9, if I am not wrong.

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