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Thread: winamp keeps asking for permission

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    winamp keeps asking for permission

    I am using the windows 7 operating system and the Intel core 2 duo as its processor. Ans also i have all the latest configuration in it. I have also installed the winamp media player to it , It was working fine a days ago but from last few days it is giving me an error which is frustrating me a lot whenever I try to open the winamp it asks me the permission of modifying the computer. Does it is a kind of error message? i am not able to understand it, How to get rid of it please help me because it very much irritating.

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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    This is the problem that winamp is facing from last few years , I am shocked that there are no remedies to fix it permanently , But still you can get rid of it what you have to do is just disable the UAC which is nothing but the user account control, Once you will do this your problem is solved , Don't worry much this will fix it and will reduce your concern.

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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    I think that you have to disable your user account control, Then only this problem will be sorted out , If you don't know how to do it just follow the following steps.
    • Just go to Star menu
    • Then click on the Control Panel
    • After that select the Accounts and protect users tab
    • In that you have to select the User Accounts
    • At last change the settings of the user account control

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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that your system might have got infected by virus and must have corrupted the winamp, so what you have to do is just scan your system by any antivirus it will help, If you have tried out this one than do just one thing that uninstall winamp and install any latest media player onto your system and also there are lot of available in the market like VLC , KM player etc

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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    The user account control is the feature that was initially added to vista and also found in Windows 7. It is the function that is used to control the system administration of the computer, And also determines that how many users have an access on the computer.This is the feature which is by default present in the windows 7. We can have an access to it or do changes in the settings you have to go to the the Control Panel and then in that go on to User Account Change settings of User Account Control.

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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    The UAC for "User Account Control" is a safety device, which will help you to regulate the use of executable files and various manipulations requesting sensitive data. Already present in Windows Vista it has often been the subject of complaints about the slowdown of certain tasks that it induces. The same thing continues in Windows 7. So to solve the problem you have to just do the user accounts changes and then you have to just delete the account.

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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    GOOD NEWS: After searching the net and security settings for a few hours, I solved the problem on my computer!

    BAD NEWS: I'm not exactly sure how I did it.... But I'm pretty sure I know what it was that finally worked.

    FIRST OFF, right click on winamp.exe, go to the compatibility tab, and make sure that "run this program as an administrator" is NOT checked. If that is enabled, you'll never even know when you get it fixed.

    SECOND, try downloading "UAC Trust Shortcut 1.0"
    I'm not really sure how it works, but it seems to create a program whitelist for UAC. Something M$ should have put in there from the Start!!!

    I'm 95% certain that is what finally worked for me.

    IF that doesn't work, I saw this tip in my travels about adding a program to the scheduler and using that to create an elevated shortcut. I never got around to trying it, but that was next on the list of things to try, so give it a look if you're still having problems.

    I've been a Winamp user since the very beginning (you know, before the AOL days), and I wasn't about to give it up without a fight.


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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    In Winamp
    Go to Options > Preferences
    Then under General Preferences select File Types
    Uncheck Restore file associations at Winamp start-up.

    That is what is triggering the UAC.

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    Re: winamp keeps asking for permission

    i was also a winamp user since day one. However, i had other problems with their software, it wouldn't read certain drives etc. But then i found media monkey, and havent gone back.

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