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Thread: Dazzle Video Creator Plus vs Dazzle dvd Recorder

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    Exclamation Dazzle Video Creator Plus vs Dazzle dvd Recorder

    I have a laptop. There are many video files in my Laptop. I want to record a video clip from my laptop. I want to put it on the youtube. For editing the video I have the sony vegas pro 9. I want a suggestion about Dazzle Video Creator Plus vs Dazzle dvd Recorder. I does not know which one is the best for me. If you have any idea about this problem , please provide me.

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    Re: Dazzle Video Creator Plus vs Dazzle dvd Recorder

    I think the Dazzle Video Creator is best for you. It is a best solution for sharing, digitizing the video. In this the requirements of video editing is nothing. In this you can simply transfer the video to PC. You can create a backup also. This is done by using the Pinnacle Studio software. It includes a full range of restoration tools. So use the Dazzle Video Creator and enjoy .

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    Re: Dazzle Video Creator Plus vs Dazzle dvd Recorder

    If you want to record a a video clip from your laptop , you should you the Dazzle DVD Recorder. It is best for you. It is a cheap video recording tool. It has the best features such as easy in start, Burning video from direct source etc. It will save your memory also. You can watch your video on big screen also by using this software. It supports windows XP and Vista.

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    Re: Dazzle Video Creator Plus vs Dazzle dvd Recorder

    The dazzle,s DVD recorder is the best option for you. It allows you to record the videos from digital cameras. You can burn this video,s also. If you have this software then best. If you want to install it then follow the given instruction.
    • Connect your DVD recorder plugs into your computer.
    • Put the CD into CD or DVD ROM.
    • Click on the icon "Dazzle DVD Recorder".
    • Restart your Computer.
    • Now you can use this software.

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