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Thread: Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04

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    Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04

    There are actually two kinds of streaming: passive streaming in which a film is sent by a server and viewed by one or more clients , and video on demand ( VOD) in which each client asks for its own stream. I look TV by country ( left) , by category ( right) or type the name of the desired tv online channel in the search box at the top of this page. I am using ubuntu operating system. Can somebody tell me about Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04.

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    Re: Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04

    For passive diffusion ,the client has no control the server , and must subscribe for instance to a multicast group to receive the This type of streaming needs a server capable of sending data network , using a protocol such as UDP multicast or RTP, for example VLS or stream output of VLC . On the client side needs a player that supports these protocols, as VLC. In Video On Demand , no specific "streaming server is required , but the client must able to see the real-time flow instead of full download before you start watching. Simple protocol such as HTTP is sufficient for Video on Demand, you can just put your video on a server web, and use a clever.

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    Re: Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04

    VLC opens all system layers of flow into the regenerate them all and then stream the result on the network or write in a file. So VLC is good streaming from video sources and / or Audio unreliable, as Video found on the Internet and / or products by non- professional software VLC implements many Muxers / demuxers ( ps , ts, avi, ogg , mp4 , ... ) and codecs, which allows him to make format conversion and / or transcode stolen the input stream ! VLC also endowed with nice graphical interfaces.

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    Re: Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04

    VLS only opens the highest system layers the input stream and only has demuxers PS and TS . So VLS is the diffusion from video sources and / or audio reliable PS or TS format produced by hardware professional software such as DVD and DVB channels channels or satellite television Digital because it only regenerate the system layers to be regenerated, and no more. VLS is specially well designed TS streams for broadcasting such as a satellite VLS has only one mux TS does no trans coding and no interface graph.

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    Re: Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04

    You have the choice of technologies receptions following :

    * DVB-T ( digital terrestrial TV or DTT );
    * DVB -S (Satellite) ;
    * DVB-C (Cable).

    The transmitters broadcast several channels on one frequency ( 4-6 ) .
    DVB tuner , can capture a single frequency , it then means that with my card Hauppauge WinTV NOVA T -500I can broadcast up to 8-12 channels .
    So we add more maps / tuner in the number of channels you want to stream .

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    Re: Stream Live DVB in Ubuntu 10.04

    For configuration MumuDVB , we will create a special directory / Etc / mumudvb and make a configuration file card.
    Here are the contents of my file / etc/mumudvb/card0.conf :
    autoconfiguration = 2
    freq = 474166
    It contains the frequency from the file fr -Paris and a directive to tell MumuDVB to cope.

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