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Thread: Norton Ghost 14 Fails to install "The parameter is incorrect"

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    Norton Ghost 14 Fails to install "The parameter is incorrect"

    I have purchased a new Dell Latitude D830 on which i have installed 32 bit Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I was running Norton Ghost 14 on this machine. But when i am trying to take an incremental back up then it gets crashed giving an error messages. So i just uninstalled the Norton Ghost 14 from my machine by an intentions of reinstalling it so that it might work. While installing the Ghost 14 again then it shows some huge error messages saying "The parameter is incorrect".

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    Re: Norton Ghost 14 Fails to install "The parameter is incorrect"

    The problem began with an inability to perform backups, first and then the C files with my Norton Ghost 14 installed for 1 year. I de-installed Ghost 14 for the re-install with the original CD. Failed, error message indicating an error in the installation of an item. When contacted, the service support has left Norton Ghost 14 download another. Same problem with the installation. They then offered me a Norton Ghost 15 that I could install without problem. But the backup problem is the same as the original 14.

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    Re: Norton Ghost 14 Fails to install "The parameter is incorrect"

    Even i have got the same messages which i have posted as follows.
    1) Backup files and documents locks up almost immediately:
    Message: Snapshot error% 1 e7b70005 error when running backup of the transaction documents, ABB B03F1 error: the server has generated an exception "
    2) preservation of C starts normally but the growth stops at 45-46%. not cancel and impossible to shut down the computer normally. I turn left this morning and found the following message: "E7C3000F error: The device \ \? \ Symantec Snapshot 0 can not read 12296 sectors starting address LBA 241860656, e7C3000 error when running the backup operation C
    These messages are the same as the previous with the Ghost 14 (with a small difference of address). Are you guys talking about this messages?

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    Re: Norton Ghost 14 Fails to install "The parameter is incorrect"

    Your blunder means that there is a trouble with the purpose for your backup and not the resource. Are you using the FAT32 drive? Is there something vital on it? Make an effort having your images divide in sizes of 4 GB or just lesser. One more alternative would be to reformat the target drive and alter into NTFS. If you carry on having a problem.

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    Re: Norton Ghost 14 Fails to install "The parameter is incorrect"

    Eliminate any earlier installation of Norton Ghost on your computer by going to "Control Panel" and opt the "Add or Remove Programs" application utility. Now start again and start the Norton Ghost 14 installation file. Enter your Symantec account email and password in order to register.

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