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Thread: Nero vision Vision 10 Xtra PROBLEM!

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    Nero vision Vision 10 Xtra PROBLEM!

    In my 10 xtra vision, burning the DVD is an issue as the capacity of the DVD. Among entire versions of Nero is the only one which contains the storage capacity of the 4.38GB to the DVD. My entire DVD's that are sold in my view are 4.37GB. This difference in the capability precludes measurable that I have burnt my DVD (after 4.38 does not get adjusted into the 4.37) and terminated up forcing me to store an ISO and work with the Nero Recode to burn the 4.37.

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    Re: Nero vision Vision 10 Xtra PROBLEM!

    I am suffering with the exact same issue. It seems as Nero Vision encodes the video to the absolute maximum size of the DVD-R, but forgets to account for the Introduction Video (the FBI warning). So it shows that when it adds the same, it is now going so wide to be adjust on the standard DVD.

    The work-around is to work with the custom configurations when encoding and be sure that there is appropriate space is avalable to adjust on the DVD. Does someone have any idea about the procedure to remove out the Introductory Video? After making Right-click, it provides you the greyed-out Delete option.

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    Re: Nero vision Vision 10 Xtra PROBLEM!

    If you choose More and the DVD-Video option within the Vision, the standard configuration is Automatic (fit-to-disk). I don't think that Vision contains the overburning option within the burn configuration but you could test this out.

    Vision does not forget anything within the video. You are able to trim the video in Make Movie to resolve the warning issue if you need to remove out . Is this video copyrighted or otherwise secured (drm, css, etc.). If so, you would not be able to burn the same.

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    Re: Nero vision Vision 10 Xtra PROBLEM!

    I have not had a option to implement the types of formats, but there is two things that I have used to burn were both are entitled as AVIs. So I am not sure if this is the issue just with the AVIs, or not. But you definitely unable to work with the Automatic (fit-to-disc) option with them. You have to go through the manual procedure to change the Automatic (fit-to-disc) configuration to a setting which will adjusted on the disc, then it generates an image which got adjusts on a DVD and moves fine without any issues .

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