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Thread: Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

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    Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

    If I drag and drop the mkv multimedia file within the Nero vision 10 then it begins rendering near about one hour to go . After completion of rendering procedure, I suddenly received the error message as described here "INSERT DISC: There is not enough space to burn this compilation. Please insert another disc that has enough space"

    I am not getting anything regarding this and what the error is about?An empty DVD should have appropriate space. I considered that Nero would automatically render the files that they can adjust to insert the DVD ?

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    Re: Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

    I need some help regarding the same . I have recently bought the Nero 9. Was previously working with the Nero 8.Actually, I am suffering with the issue that i have used to burn the avi. movie on to the standard DVD-r 4.7gb ( with nero vision)and when it got to the point of burning, nero says that there is not enough space on the blank disc ? It then pulled out the disc and a box shows with the message to insert a disc with enough space?

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    Re: Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

    hi guys ! No reply ..Please take a look what I have done and got this issue as error message, then you can consider my problems easily..

    1- input th efile 4,37 GB HD Movie "House.mkv"
    2) I launched the Nero Vision 10
    3) Create the DVD -> DVD Video
    4) Imported the file
    5) Click onto the Next button - There is No DVD Menu
    6) Next - Can get the preview
    7) Next - Nero Message about format: pressing YES
    8) Configuring disc speed with the speed of 4x - discname - NEXT
    9) Nero starts Rendering - at 80% before burning actually starts - Error Message appeared .

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    Re: Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

    This could be associated with the temporal files folder but also to the disc or configurations that you are working with . Could you please upload the screenshot of the same message that you got during processing the environment ? Also please let me be sure about the configuration that you choose from the "Video Options" - "DVD video" - "Quality Settings", and also the information provided within the "Burn Options" screen before burning. Commonly, it states "Total space used XXX out of 4.38 GB".

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    Re: Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

    it is associated with the AVI compression. As you stated that the AVI file is capable to have only 677 MB, but there are one hour and 53 minutes zipped within such type of container. After performing the transcoding of video file, Nero mostly assumes that there is not appropriate space is available onto the the disc to burn the file. You can go for the below suggested workarounds.

    Instead of directly burning process onto the disc, write the same first onto your hard drive by choosing the option as "Write to hard disk folder" within the "Burn Options" window.

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    Re: Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

    It can based on your AVI file, as not about the entire avi files are running with the similar size and compression. You are able to burn the AVI files with the Nero Vision also, only that in some situations and based on the length and capacity of the file allocated, it would not be adjusted onto the disc if you need to have the quality configuration. Have you tried with the current workaround that I suggested?

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    Re: Nero - not enough space - insert another disc

    Peice of cake.
    Use a 2 pass transcode so Nero can correctly determine the actual size its going to need to use. After the first pass it knows how big the file will be.
    A one pass is faster but not acurate enough sometimes...especially for MKVs.
    Works everytime for me....and the videos look better anyway.

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