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Old 28-08-2010
Join Date: Aug 2010
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New user of Oracle VirtualBox seeks help...

Hi ;

I am trying to use/understand VirtualBox 3.2.8. Newcomer to virtualization software. I really do not know how it works other than what I read. I used an old pc as host (P4/ 2.5gb ram / 160gb hdd) with XP SP3. Created a virtualbox with also XP SP3 as "guest os" just to try it out first. (I hope it's correct term).

I plan to use/learn VirtualBox for programs trial.

VirtualBox set-up:

512mb memory
16mb video memory
3D acceleration enabled
2D acceleration disabled
Remote display disabled
Storage: 30gb
Audio: Windows DirectSound
Controller: ICHAC97
Network: Adapter1 - PCnet-FASTIII(NAT)
SerialPort: disabled
USB: Device Fileters 0(0active)
Shared Folders: 1

Please help with inquiries please,thanks:

1) Security is a major concern for me. How can I carry on my existing security set-upto function inside the vbox(AV/firewall/on-demand security apps')...?

2) Is there any tips that you can give me to make my host system secure even when my vbox get's accidentally infected? How may I do that?

3) Can I clone the vbox I created? On my host system I use Paragon Backup and Restore 10.2, if I clone the full system, will the vbox+settings be inside it?

4) In my other pc I have Returnil System Safe 2011. Is it redundant to have RSS 2011 with VirtualBox? Have you experiences with this?

5) How do you set-up an internet connection in the vbox? I am having problems sharing the "Network Connection folder" of the my host.

I am very confused here. In my host system I use a prepaid dial-up connection and a wireless DSL. I want to set-up the prepaid dial-up first which in the host system uses a 56k modem. I thought it would be the same as in the host. I can set the connection but it does not recognize that there is a modem. It shows device missing.

In the default I see NAT as Adapter1. I read about something about "Bridge Networking" and "Internal Networking". I saw something that in Bridge Networking you will need a device driver so I tried to install the modems driver in the vbox but it did not went through.

What will I use..."Bridge Networking" or "Internal Networking" or what..?

Dial-up connection first and then I will try the wireless dsl but not yet.

How will I do it?


Can I use the host's connection to connect to the vbox or is it a separate one?

Really encountered a dead-ed here..don't knowhow to do it..:-(

6) I have loaded Avira Personal in the vbox but I cannot update it manually through the "manual update" feature. Since I do not have yet internet access in the vbox it still is not updated.Maybe someone here is using Avira inside a vbox that can give me an idea...?

7) Is it necessary to set-up all my security apps in the vbox, well AV/firewall seems to be needed or can I just do with an AV?

8) If I take a snapshot before I connect to the internet, will restoring that snapshot erase all of the activity I did? Does the vbox need to be closed to restore to snapshot or I just click Machine>Close>Power off machine>Restore to current snapshot..?

Does snapshot restore function like an image restore or just a system restore where files are not affected thereby all that I download remains. I see that you can also do a system restore in the vbox is it the same as restoring the snapshot?

9) Finally, (to get ideas as to how to use it more effectively...) How do you use VirtualBox? For what purpose and approaches/tips?

I hope I did not bore you with my questions...might sound elementary to VirtualBox users but asking "is" learning:-)

Thank you!
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Old 24-05-2011
Join Date: Mar 2010
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Re: New user of Oracle VirtualBox seeks help...

Oracle VM VirtualBox simulates a whole computer. The free software emulates all for a functioning computer hardware components required. On so-called virtual machine, the user is testing without the risk of their new Windows operating systems or applications. Remembers Virtual Machine Manager is no longer limited to a support of 1.5 or 2 GB of RAM on the client side 32-bit hosts

Oracle Virtualbox Guide
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