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Thread: Problem exporting Photoshop PSD

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    Problem exporting Photoshop PSD

    Here I have a problem with photoshop. I have a small image (in very large resolution) and the result satisfies me when I export to JPEG compression level improved 3-12. Problem I''ve not the same result as the DSP I am told that the compressed JPEG image too, so I tried the PNG, but same results. The layer that 'bug' is a copy of which is the drag layer with a blending mode and FADE transparency to 7%. That never happened and I really do not understand why this is so? Same result if I flatten the image. Please help me with this. Thank you.

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    Re: Problem exporting Photoshop PSD

    I just try to make a report similar to yours and I had no desire to export, the same as the original. I tried to reproduce the problem, but not on my side. Check your well layers and opacity, etc. Have you tried with just the black background and comet mode merger? Without the black but with flashes of light? I think it must come from a combination of parameters "inter-layer" that generates this concern.

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    Re: Problem exporting Photoshop PSD

    With my CS2, the problem is: Take a large black bottom, place a fairly contrast above, mode molten 3% for example, to see some bright spots. Saves the result flattened tif for example, placing it on the stack of layers. You will see a difference. The points seem to have disappeared. In fact they are, but are a pixel. In fact, I think that Photoshop treats these issues as points of a pixel has both the image itself, and its displaying on the monitor. If the image size is greater than the resolution of the monitor, they will appear proportionately larger. So it's a problem of display on the screen points one pixel to the screen size should be less than the pixel.

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    Re: Problem exporting Photoshop PSD

    So I could not get a result like that in Photoshop? It is a shame because I like it better that way. I made a Tutorial on this technique and therefore it must have a setting or I do not know what causes this problem because I have followed the explanations and I do not have the same result.

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    Re: Problem exporting Photoshop PSD

    Rule No. 1 for the verification of dust and other very fine effects (such as the sharpness of an image for example) = always display the image at a magnification of 100% The mode melted. it only creates one pixel points in the image so when you signs within 100%: you can see in some and not others but it is a rendering of the screen. You say "So I could not get a result like that in Photoshop?" but your goal is to see on screen or on a printout? If it is on screen there is no point in having a "great resolution" as you say. If you really want this little dots on printed matter, I advise you: create an image separately with a lower layer with a resolution + mode + a molten layer black, then flattened the image you and you will slip or copy to your image resolution. Your picture with the little dots appear very small in high resolution, it is normal. Now you choose the way clear for the layer of dots then you expanded this layer to the desired size. You can then play with the contrast on the layer of dots to make them more or less visible because there are now a bit vague, but it will be perfect for printing.

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