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Thread: Screen Saver Deployment - Active Directory

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    Screen Saver Deployment - Active Directory

    Hello All. I have run into a brick wall with my screen saver deployment. I am deploying the screensaver to a very locked down OU. The screensaver runs just fine, but I have to go to the local pc, load profile, select display properties, screen saver tab and press ok before the screensaver actually runs on the pc. When I hit the screen saver tab, my screensaver is in the preview window. It just won't launch on it's own without me having to press ok. Is there something I'm missing in the registry? Please help!!!

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    Re: Screen Saver Deployment - Active Directory

    I think that you will need to place both the screensaver and desktop file in windows\system32 dir. Then use a group policy to activate and use both. If you need more information about this, go here :

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    Re: Screen Saver Deployment - Active Directory

    Thank you so much for replying James. I have done everything that is provided with your link. What is the desktop file you mentioned?

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