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Thread: Shortcuts create Desktop.ini file on Desktop

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    Shortcuts create Desktop.ini file on Desktop

    I have often noticed the existence of special folders like My Documents or My Videos, My Network Places without understanding how Desktop.ini file stood out from other ordinary files? I will finally lift the on this matter under Windows 7 Desktop.ini icon was right next to the Start menu, under windows 7 there is more. When i create a shortcut file, it will automatically create Desktop.ini . Please help.

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    Re: Shortcuts create Desktop.ini file on Desktop

    It is a system file generated by windows and can save between other visual settings of a folder: you can change the look of a folder and put a flower instead. In this case, it will create a desktop.ini file to indicate that said directory is represented by a flower, not a folder. personalize some cases, Windows allows the use of files that are sort of "construction plans". These files stylize Windows folders are all named desktop.ini.

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    Re: Shortcuts create Desktop.ini file on Desktop

    There are two desktop.ini files, as they relate to the office user and public office:
    % USERPROFILE% \ Desktop
    Example: C: \ Users \ <account> \ Desktop

    % PUBLIC% \ Desktop
    For example: C: \ Users \ Public \ Desktop

    These files can include the location , the
    Windows shortcuts. Rather, it should not erase them.

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    Re: Shortcuts create Desktop.ini file on Desktop

    They appear on the desktop if the next option is unchecked or Hide protected files of the operating system. By cons, they do not appear even if the files and folders hidden are displayed. Under Vista, and unless special need, it is much more convenient, IMHO, hide protected files (even if leave those hidden). It also allows to hide all the junctions (And hence all the "old cases"), a source of misunderstanding when discovered Vista (especially coming from a system like windows 7 ).

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    Re: Shortcuts create Desktop.ini file on Desktop

    You need to try Start => In the search field, type CMD and hit enter. Put the command: sfc / scannow And attention, there is much space between the two. Wait ten minutes, when it is finished, the window will disappear, you restart the PC.This action was intended to REPAIR files malfunctioning systems. If this does not work, I'll tell you where to find the file and where to put it to replace the old.

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    Re: Shortcuts create Desktop.ini file on Desktop

    Desktop.ini is a file system that aims to save the icons and settings bru and water that is created automatically. So Try this; Open the registry by Start / Run ... enter regedit
    * Locate and save the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon
    * In the right pane, double-click the value userinit. In the data field value, replace wsaupdater.exe (or other name) userinit.exe. Please do not delete the comma after exe.
    The path should look like C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ userinit.exe, (the drive letter is different if the system is not installed on C.

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