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Thread: Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

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    Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

    I am running with a non domained windows 7 onto my laptop. I always work with this : A 'microsoft house' running server 2003 dependent domains.

    I am getting some issues accessing any network 'object' in the current environment. I am plaugued with a Windows Security Dialogue that contains the title as : 'Windows Security' The contents of the dialogue are as follows:

    Enter Network Password
    Enter your password to connect to: <IP ADDRESS>

    Looking for credential tiles...
    {== progress bar=====}
    x Logon failure: uknown user name or bad password.
    OK/CANCEL buttons.

    If I am lucky , this box will eventually requires me for the credentials to retrive the 'object' after issuing the details I get access as I expect. The big problem that I have is that the dialogue 30% of the time never requires me for the user and Password !

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    Re: Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

    In case, your Windows 7 installed system is not a domain member, when you are retrieving the resources on the server, this should require for the username and password, Please make sure that you have issues the valid domain username and password. The format must be the following way :


    Then after , the credential would be saved. Another time , when you retrieve the resources, you require to pass the NTLM authentication. After all, the default capacity level of the NTLM authentication running with the Windows Server 2003 and in Windows 7 are different. Than may be the root related reason.

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    Re: Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

    There is another way but first you have to go with the above suggested post in this case, if you are able to get help from that post. You also can go for this steps described as follows :

    1. Open up the gpedit.msc from the Start Search box. Then after redirect for the below suggested policy.
    2. Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\Security Options\Network security: LAN Manager authentication level
    3. You need to replace the “Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated”.

    I hope, it would be helpful for you to fix this problem .

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    Re: Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

    Hi guys ,
    Thank you very much for this very helpful information. I guess, I am little bit late to post here but actually I am on hliday for the next couple of days and thus not available for this task which produces the problem. I have made the configuration recommended from both of you but would not be sure the procedure and any applied method that affects the things untill I get back to work. Thanks again for help and suggestion ...

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    Re: Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

    I would not be able to do what actually I wanted to do: I opened the outlook for near about ten minutes before. It is still searching for the credential tiles.I am not getting what is the actual issue and what's wrong with the previous manner of just requiring for the user and Password. I would be reading my email by now. As far as my experience moves: Looking for... I didn't find any method in this case.

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    Re: Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

    When perform the installation of windows 7.

    "looking for credential tiles" dialogue shown within the below situations:
    Internet Explorer referenced with the share point
    navigate the reconnecting mapped drives
    Remote Desktop connections
    Outlook connecting to shareopint and exchange server.

    Why you consider that it is the the property of the outlook software, when properly it is not!

    it is a guess but I considered that "Control Panel\All Control Panel components\Credential Manager " is the store included within the search section. And I am too sure that it was at that place and before I perform the installation of office also.

    I only need to make sure that if I can 'force' windows to require me for User and Password ?

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    idea Re: Windows Security Dialogue: 'Looking for credential titles'

    Assumption is that you have Outlook 2010 with an off-domain PC accessing an Exchange 2003 (this is my situation, so cannot confirm if this works in other use cases). I had upgraded from Office 2007 to 2010 and had the windows security dialog 'Looking for credential titles'.

    A simple workaround is as follows:

    - disconnect PC from wired and wireless networks (simplest way is to slide wireless switch on laptop off, unplug LAN cable - complex way is to disable each network adapter)

    - open "Control Panel" - "All Control Panel Items" - "Mail"

    - Edit the Exchange mail profile and untick "use cache exchange mode".

    - Save configuration

    - Reconnect PC to wired or wireless network (plug cable back in or switch on wireless switch - if you disabled the network adapters, re-enable them)

    The next time you start Outlook you will have access to your mail profile.

    This does not resolve the underlying issue, but at least you can get to your email in the interim.
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