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Thread: Critical Errors in Event Log - Source - Diagnostic Performance

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    Critical Errors in Event Log - Source - Diagnostic Performance

    I am using Windows XP home SP2. I watching the event log in Computer Management, I get errors that intrigue me :1) The description for Event ID (0 ) in Source ( scan ) was not found . The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or DLL files to display messages from a remote computer. You may be able to use the / AUXSOURCE = to retrieve this description. Please refer to Help and Support for details. The following information is part of the event : Service started. Could you give me any remedy for these ( minor faults ). This does not prevent the proper functioning of my PC . Thank you in advance and good day to all.

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    Re: Critical Errors in Event Log - Source - Diagnostic Performance

    The problem of writing in the log events by WSH is the source of the message is not WSH possibility of knowing what is the program that writes to the log ( if we have two programs running on the same machine how do you know what? ) that's why I use the method by API . I 've just done a test by adding in the register the name of my application under the key :
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ EventLog \ Application \ "My APPLI "
    then adding the words:
    TypesSupported = 7 ( DWORD )
    = EventMessageFile and the path of my EXE ( in MULTI_SZ )

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    Re: Critical Errors in Event Log - Source - Diagnostic Performance

    Once the observer of events, you can use the custom filter in place that will default to display a summary charge of all critical events , errors and warnings in the newspapers. Although little understood by users every day , this is the list could put you on the path to find the cause of a crash or any problem. The full list of events , which will only interest the advanced user , is accessible through the left menu , here is a brief description that summarizes the information provided by the Windows help .

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    Re: Critical Errors in Event Log - Source - Diagnostic Performance

    Click on the window entitled HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Click on the path to the key: " System \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \ NtFrs \ Parameters " Double click the value name "Partner Clock Skew In Minutes "and update the value. If the value name is not present , you can add it with the Add Value option in the Edit menu . Enter the value name as indicated above using the registry data type REG_DWORD. The File Replication Service can not replicate from a partner computer because the time of the event associated with the file to be replicated is too far into the future.

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    Re: Critical Errors in Event Log - Source - Diagnostic Performance

    Whats up Event Rover integrates functions ad-hoc reporting and data exporting ready-made , without any additional configuration required. Quickly generate reports to HTML, from any branch of the tree displayed. The values appearing on the screen are faithfully rendered in the report. Groups of correlated events can be exported to text comma delimitation. You have the option to view or import them into spreadsheets, in databases or in the application Whats up Event Analyst. Network administrators and analysts have the ability to insert comments in the reports generated to explain what the data represent.

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    Re: Critical Errors in Event Log - Source - Diagnostic Performance

    The application log, the security and the system , each with its level of compliance . The security log is used for the audit, that is to say that dialogue all actions successful or failed ( see the next article how to configure the audit ). The system log on services Windows and all that is invisible to the average user and the application log , as its name suggests, observes what happens from the point of view on application Windows. I want to clarify that everything that is in the newspapers will report with the product Windows XP of MicrosoftIt is therefore not useful to expect to see your favorite game or program listed in the events.

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