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Thread: Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player, 32 bit browser

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    Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player, 32 bit browser

    I have purchased a new laptop installed with windows 7 which is a 64 bit operating system and i really liked this operating system, As i am using it i came to know that it and not install the Flash player over the browser and hence whenever i go to a website which is based on flash the browser gets hanged and it says that the browser needs to shut down. Help me please

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    Re: Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player, 32 bit browser

    So far there are no flash plugins made for a 64bit browser so you can try to use the 32 bit version of the internet explorer which you have already installed on your system by default. Flash have already announced the same but the date of release cannot be predicted so if you want to get rid of this problem i would advice you to use a 32 Browser you have a lot of options like the Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.

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    Re: Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player, 32 bit browser

    Flash Player is the most used plugin for Internet browsers. This plugin allows you to read Web sites incorporating video, text, sound and interactive graphics. It lets you create compositions, publishing high-quality video content, create sharp text in pixel nearest to add real-time dynamic effects with filters and much more. Without Flash player you will not be able to use the Internet Explorer perfectly.

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    Re: Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player, 32 bit browser

    As far as i know the Flash application offers a codec which is embedded with a video support 8-bit alpha channel, an excellent compression ratio and management of ActionScript 3. This version includes an audio codec open source multi-channel , support of 3D graphics and maps for improved animation and video.

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    Re: Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player, 32 bit browser

    Adobe does not seem eager to release a version of flashplayer 64 bit Windows. IE is actually faster in 64-bit application, but without stopping flashplayer. In desperation I installed Firefox 305.6 or 3.6 beta 4 and to my surprise it is much faster than IE in 32 and 64 bits. can not uninstall IE because it is part of Windows 7, cons can disable it (and reactivate later) it works. panel config \ Programs and Features \ enable-disable Windows features.

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