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Thread: Unable to save WordPerfect files

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    Unable to save WordPerfect files

    I installed WordPerfect Office X3 in Windows Vista wagon. My word processing and PowerPoint work fine except my Quattro Pro X3 "Spreadsheets" does not work properly. i am not able to save files in the wordPerfect office X3 application. Who would have the kindness to inform me about this problem? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Unable to save WordPerfect files

    You can simply achieve this by manually changing the compatibility settings for running the applications in the compatibility mode of windows XP .
    Follow the instructions which are mentioned below in order to get this problem solved.
    • Go to start then All Programs.
    • WordPerfect Office X3.
    • Select the WordPerfect 10 application.
    • Right click on the application and click properties.
    • Now go to the compatibility tab.
    • Select "Run this program in compatibility mode".

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    Re: Unable to save WordPerfect files

    I have a Quattro Pro X3 worry about. By the time I open the spreadsheet, an error message appears:

    "Runtime Error!
    Program: C: \ Program Files \ programs \ QPW.exe
    abnormal program termination "

    Result in closing this message I can open Quattro Pro X3. I also uninstall the software then réinstller complete and made the updates. But no result, I still can not use Quattro Pro X3. Other software package Perfect Office X3 world works perfectly. Do you have a solution?? In advance thank you for your help?

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    Re: Unable to save WordPerfect files

    Yes I actually solved the problem. It is necessary that you follow the following process:
    1. Go to START / execute type regedit and hit enter on
    2. Go HKEY_CURRENT User
    3. Then on Software select Corel User Wizard 13
    4. Go to Recent Work Quattro Pro
    5. At the time you have to rename Quattro Pro
    6. Close the window
    7. Recovery software

    If You normally launch Quattro Pro correctly. By cons I have to redo the manip few days ago because the bp is resurfaced. So a board maintains the process at hand in case!

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    Re: Unable to save WordPerfect files

    I followed the steps which you have mentioned and it works perfectly. For cons, I know why, I again had the same problem with the word perfect x3 and in the registry, I again renamed this version and the original version. I deleted the original version and made sure that the WordPerfect are working perfectly.

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