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Thread: Silverlight 4 Projects Unavailable Visual Studio 2010

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    Silverlight 4 Projects Unavailable Visual Studio 2010

    I am running with a fresh installation of Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4 in which Visual Studio tools are also involved. However, are running with the issues converting the Silverlight 3 projects into Silverlight 4. Visual Studio upgrades the Visual Studio 2008 solution and .NET3.5 projects without any issues but will not interchange the Silverlight Projects. It states that it is searching for "C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Microsoft\Silverlight v3.0\Microsoft.Silverlight.OurSolutionName.targets".

    Followed that I don't have Silverlight 3 installed on such type of box and don't need to, how are we assumes to do this very conversion operation....NET4.0 conversion does not require for the .NET3.5 installation, so why does Silverlight 4 conversion?

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    Re: Silverlight 4 Projects Unavailable Visual Studio 2010

    Hey Dingbang, Silverlight 3 are provided with the Visual Studio 2010. Hence why it is installed. Can you be sure that you have got the recently released Silverlight 4 tools installed into the section . So , in this situation, you have to go with the manual procedure for the converting into the SL3 project,Just open this within the Visual Studio 2010, just right click on the project and move to the properties. You can there migrate from Silverlight 3 to Silverlight 4 that will update your project in this case.

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    Re: Silverlight 4 Projects Unavailable Visual Studio 2010

    No, the property page not getting opened as the project also (Unavailable) within the solution explorer section. According to me, that is because Silverlight 3 tools are not properly installed as Visual Studio 2010 therefore getting unable to open up these yet to be migrated projects...

    There is no Silverlight 3 installed on current box and Silverlight 4 + Silverlight 4 tools are installed in proper way . The properties dialog doesn't show up in this section.

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    Re: Silverlight 4 Projects Unavailable Visual Studio 2010

    I have suffered with the same problem but I have some different workaround in this case. I moved through the whole thread specified here. I figured out the issue and now I would not suggest you to go for the installation of Silverlight 3 tools that would not be feasible for you . I don't have this installed either but I can convert Silverlight 3 project to Silverlight 4. Silverlight 3 SDK is installed. I think, it is provided with the Silverlight 4 tools installation in the proper way.

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