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Thread: Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error

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    Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error

    I turn on Windows 7 and no way to install Office 2010 Beta 2 on my computer system, the 25004 errors are repeated at the end of the installation to finish on an error 1935. I searched on forums for solutions but none works. There is that about resettlement. NET Framework, but Windows 7 I do not see how. Is there any solution for this problem Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error?

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    Re: Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error

    I am having a problem too with the installation of Office 2010 and I am seeing errors in return? Personally, I just get a message "An error occurred during installation". I am also on Windows 7 (32 bit). I tried installing Office 2010 (32bit). But till now I am not getting any solution for this problem. I am also searching for the solution to this problem.

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    Re: Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error

    Maybe (but it's just a hypothesis) that your downloaded file is corrupted. Attempt to download again. Check that windows update is current (but surely you have already done). If everything is ok, then you have what it takes part. NET Framework. Check that you have uninstalled the good old version of Office and related programs. If you launch the installation with administrator rights.

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    Re: Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error

    I am currently experiencing a problem with the installation of Office 2010. I run the installation, I selected "upgrade" because I already have Office 2007 but after a few minutes the installation hangs and tells me: Error 1303. Setup cannot access the file C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Microsoft Shared \ Web Folder \ 1036. Make sure the file exists on your system and you have permissions to update it. I am on Windows 7 64 bit and the famous file in question exists. I also tried to install "normally" without upgrading, but I encounter the same problem. Does anyone have an idea?

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    Re: Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error

    if u still have the copy of office 2007 , i suggest you uninstall that office package first then install office 2010 from scratch so it could help you diagnose the arosing errors during the installation and surely u've checked the compatibility.

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    Re: Office 2010 won't install. __Error: 25004 __System Error

    Other people seem to have had this problem. Apparently, this will be a permission problem on the folders and files. The best will put a "full control" on the folder and its subfolders for "Everyone". For more details, you can visit the articles that are given on the Microsoft site. If you have any other problem then let me know I will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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