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Thread: Ubuntu and Blackberry desktop manager

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    Ubuntu and Blackberry desktop manager

    I can't finish the installation of Desktop manager on my system on which Ubuntu is running . Any help would be feasible for me and also would be appreciated.

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    Re: Ubuntu and Blackberry desktop manager

    However, for several Blackberry users who have selected to work with the alternatives operating systems suffering with the complexities at the time of transferring media and syncing devices due to incapability and number of applications created for alternative operating systems.

    The linux experts suggested that they undersigned are petitioning Research in Motion to create a port of the Blackberry Desktop Manager program for the famous Linux distributions just as Ubuntu, Gentoo, and the some other..

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    Re: Ubuntu and Blackberry desktop manager

    I was just considering that if anybody have any idea if it's possible to work with the Desktop Manager within the WINE with the Ubuntu operating system? I am still a newbie for this very Operating system , I have just planned to create the transition from windows... I am so far liking this much better. I searched into the another project that I have seen on the website , but was just need to get a look if somebody has been able to get this to use the same with the WINE.

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    Re: Ubuntu and Blackberry desktop manager

    Fine , this is the fact - as far as I have some idea about this . No-one has got the Desktop manager running within the Wine. The AppDB for it states that garbage and surely I couldn't get this installed on the 64bit version of Ubuntu.

    Moreover, although it seems daunting it is possible to get it working - don't be turn this off through the command line components - once its functioning, you can do most task via the multi-sync GUI. I am just having to grips with this myself - running with the problems with the Barrybackup during that moments - but I got glimmers of hope!

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    Re: Ubuntu and Blackberry desktop manager

    I have just performed the installation of ubuntu 9.10 on my system which was working on windows xp, but bsod adjusted in now and I rely on ubuntu or my ibook.....!. I just desired that there was an simpler or feasible fix from working with the wine to utilize the desktop program. that or a port for Linux distros.

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